about page

Hey there,

I updated my about page with basically the contents of the previous post.  Also linked to some of my other sites and put up a shell of a trivia page.

I think for my next project, I’ll try filling up the trivia page and posting stuff.  It’ll help me study for my upcoming tests too.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t done as much as I’d liked.  Also starting to get a bit short-tempered at my parents.  Should move out soon, so I’ll need to look for apartments too…

Got back into Beyblades thanks to finally finding the Japanese raws after 10 years.  Still can’t find season 2 raws, though.  Poor thing, no one likes you =(  Still obsessed with Uta*Prince and am getting the Sweet Serenade fangame soon.  Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming soon too.  Soooo excited!  …When am I going to play it though?! T_T

Until next time!


Current Projects:

  • Fanfiction: Vocaloid – Baku, Pokemon
  • Game: Lost in Shadows (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS), Uta*Prince (PSP), GianCarlo’s Happy Lucky Life (PC)
  • Anime: Beyblades?
  • Books: NA

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