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Long time no see!

Well, that’s technically incorrect.  I’ve been working on this site and I’ve been updating lots of content.  I’ve found that translating song lyrics is very cathartic.  Brings me back to when I first started learning Japanese…  (Granted, translating Uta*Prince songs is much, much more difficult than translating Digimon songs simply because there’s more English in the original…)

Also, uploaded the next part of Lucky Dog 1  translations.  Please enjoy!

I’ve asked for permission, and it seems that I can use the images in the format I have so long as I comply with a few conditions.  These conditions aren’t big, but I’ll have to reformat all my images before I can go on.  There’ll be a delay in updates because of that (but then, what is a “delay” in this case, when there’s no schedule to follow anyways?)

In addition, I’ve added disclaimers to all the main sites.  I don’t think they’re really necessary, but … you never know.  May as well play it safe.  There might be people out there who think I own the original stuff *shudders*

Finals coming up, and then a long month-long car trip, so that’ll throw a wrench in my updating plans too.  Maybe I can put my new iPhone to work??!



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