Day 1 of LD1 complete!

Phew, finally!  I finished Day 1 of the Part 1 Prison section of Lucky Dog 1, with the two older guys (ie Bernardo and Luchino).  These first introductions are really just that — short introductions.  Giulio and Ivan’s (the two younger guys) are left.

After Day 2, it’s Ivan’s route.

The Prison part of Lucky Dog is presenting a pretty problem to me because of all the possible choices, but I think I’ve decided on a format.  I will put a table on the table of contents page that lists all the entries (including alternate entries), but if you click on one, you’ll be led on a one-track route until the end of Part 1.  I will include some form of choice at the end of Day 2 so you can choose which route to go on.  This will sort of be like what I’m implementing for Days 1 and 2.

I will also list bad endings separately.  There are 6 total for the Prison part.

Also, coming up in Ivan’s route is the first not-for-kids scene, Homer’s, which is also my least favorite scene in the entire game (actually, this ties with Lloyd’s scene and Ivan’s bad ending as my least favorite).  I’ve decided to password protect translations with those scenes on them to prevent accidental clicking and accidental NSFW images showing up on your browser.  You can also get the option to skip them.  I won’t be making a “clean” version because that would be doing Tennenouji an injustice … … no matter how much I dislike these two scenes T_T

Note to self: add “back to main page” buttons to every page.


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  1. icassop
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 10:03:13

    Weeee~ *o*
    Thanks for the update!
    Can’t wait for more LOL.



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