I’m back!

And as a gift for my return, I’ve English-ized all of my script thus far. (It’s not localization because that isn’t my focus. You won’t see me trying to stick gangster accents on them.)

In addition, Part 03-01 is up!  It’s a small thing, but … hey, you can look forward to what’s coming up next.

Ivan’s route is coming up first!

Oh right, my trip.  Las Vegas was really a new experience.  Also went to the Grand Canyon, San Diego, and Los Angeles, and saw the desert and the Rose Parade.  There were some troubles, but I had a lot of fun and took at least 3000 pictures!  I’ve never been to the west (I mean, I was born in California but I’d left at age 2) and … wow.  Boy, is it different.

I finished up UtaPrince (finally) and started on another PSP otome game called Arcana Famiglia.  Really a fun game, although not without its flaws.

Anyways, going to enjoy (read: work) the rest of my winter vacation!  School starts 1-17.  Hope you’ve all enjoyed yours!


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