LD1 Ivan Route Part 1 complete!

Heya, long time no see!

Sorry for the relatively long time since the last post … but I wanted to post enough translations that it’d be worth reading. So now … you have all of Ivan’s Part 1, bad endings and all, on the site! Hope you enjoy!

Notes… Feel free to comment if you find errors. Also feel free to comment anyways, about what you like / dislike, etc. I love discussing LD1 with anyone!

My site isn’t advertised anywhere other than on fanfiction.net, so if you want to spread by word of mouth, please do.

There are two NSFW scenes.  These are NOT password protected, since this system doesn’t work like I thought it would on wordpress, but instead, I’ve written warnings around all possible links in some form or another.  Read at your own risk?  It’s also my first time writing anything like this (heck, I haven’t even written a romance scene before!), so if it’s awkward any… suggestions?  Just keep those worksafe please? XD

Next, I’ll be doing Part 2 for Ivan, which is Escape.

Lastly, classes start on Monday.  I won’t be able to update as quickly I’ve been doing (which was about every day).   Le sad.

Until next time!  Enjoy!


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