LD: chapter 8 complete and then some

Internship applications are a hassle.  Also, don’t trust a word the people say, even if they’re like, “Oh, you’re such a good fit.  We really want you.”  Because they’re still liable to not want you.  Sigh.  It’s depressing to think that job applications are worse.

I watched Hunger Games today.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I must say that this is one of the best book-movie adaptations I’ve seen, since the movie didn’t feel awkward at all.  It was well-paced, it was coherent, the cinematography and music were great, and it was just … really good.  I’m going to try to read the book this week, lol.

Also been watching a Korean drama at my friend’s behest, called Shut up Flower Boy Band.  It’s surprisingly good, but the great majority of the characters bothers me.  Either way, I enjoyed it enough that I’ll probably be rewatching it.

What’s new on LD … hmm…  Ivan’s route is starting to reach its main conflict, and we’re introduced to new characters, including Ivan’s fiancee.  …”Fiancee”…  I did my best to do the scenes, and not just the original text, justice.


Lucky Dog 1 translations 08 Ivan route 07

Lucky Dog 1 translations 09 Ivan route 01

Lucky Dog 1 translations 09 Ivan route 02

Lucky Dog 1 translations 09 Ivan route 03


Crush 3D (3DS) – a puzzle platformer that uses 2D <-> 3D shifting to solve puzzles

Blades of Time (PS3) – a hack-slash action game whose action and puzzles revolve around time manipulation

Currently playing:

NieR (PS3)

Devil Survivor 2 (DS)

UtaPrince Music (PSP)


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