Destroy the World for Gian info and Colors!

With the recent update on the Tennenouji site, information on We Will Destroy the World for Gian! (abbreviated IFG for “If For Gian”) has been uploaded.  Not everything’s up, but there’s probably going to be a lot of information from now until its release in 3 days.

That being said, I’ve uploaded a simple-ish translation of the information available on the main site.

3 days left!  3 days left!

Also, I love the  Colors! Live gallery, which showcases art created by the program Colors!, available for the iPhone/iTouch, DS, and, most recently, for the 3DS.  Great for artists looking for inspiration / techniques, since everything uploaded there comes with a playback video that shows how the painting / drawing was created.

My current favorite is Munin’s stuff.  An example is:, whose picture is below.  This was drawn on the DS.


We Will Destroy the World for Gian! information


Colors! 3D “playtest” – a 3DS application that is basically a miniature Photoshop that also works with 3D

Currrently Playing:

Digimon World (PS1) <- Yes, I gave in.  Finally.

NieR (PS3)

Devil Survivor2 (DS)

UtaPrince Music (PSP)


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