Finals week

I have been remiss in updating a post, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t updated the site.  Ivan’s route chapter 9 parts 1-7 have been uploaded.

This week was amazing.  I have a final presentation next week, so I thought my project paper’d be due then.  Nope, it’s due today, which was also when another project was due.  Which I, of course, had been planning to work on on that week.  Cue cramming.

Birthday’s come and passed.  My mom had to remind me it was coming.  My friend at school actually got me a present.  I was surprised.

But yes, main order of business.  Finals next week.  No LD update.  Not unless I want to die.

IFG is … hm.  Fun.  Short.  Really short.  Lots of crack.  A bit wtf.  I dunno, I’m actually a bit disappointed, but I suppose it’s the power of fandom that I still like it despite that.

Wow I type short sentences when I’ve only slept 40 min.


Requests <- How you can help me on LD1

Ivan route 09-04

Ivan route 09-05

Ivan route 09-06

Ivan route 09-07

Arcana Famiglia information section (to celebrate the upcoming sequel)

Song translations:

-ERROR (Lily)

Kioku (Younha)

(Also taking part in the sasakure.UK contest, but can’t post that translation here yet.)

Currently Playing:

Atelier Meruru (PS3)

UtaPrince Sweet Serenade (PSP)

Devil Survivor 2 (DS)


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