Just a little more

We’re now nearing the end of Ivan’s normal route! A few more days, and it should be complete.

Thank you all, for all your responses! They were very helpful. I was actually a bit surprised at so many people wanting to read the SS. I guess I shouldn’t be, though, since reading a “visual novel” automatically implies you don’t mind long written passages, lol.

So, the verdicts. Judging from the responses, I’ll try to do a compromise. I’ll do the SS in large chunks, maybe 20-30 pages an update. I doubt you’d want to read a 200 page short story in one go anyways (and I doubt I’d have the sanity to work on that without feedback XD).

I’ll do the SS for Ivan’s route first, interspersed with whatever general “canon” SS I feel like doing (White’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc.) that don’t have any pairings as well as non-spoiler SS for any route. This is just to break up the pace a bit, so I don’t get drowned out by the Ivan. I’ll move on to the Giulio, and then the Bernardo and Luchino, regardless of whether I’ve done their route or not. As someone pointed out to me, it will be a while before I reach the Luchino route, so holding things back probably won’t be a good idea. (Granted, this doesn’t mean I’ll be going anywhere fast. The main game is still my priority XD)

I’ve posted the excerpt for the 3rd Anniversary SS, Demon’s Ringlet. I’ll only post this excerpt for now … I just liked the first bit that much … I couldn’t help it! I’ll do the rest when time allows. (It seems like the SS has a strong tie in to the new characters introduced in IFG. I’ve already seen people fangirling over Campanella =3 )

(edit: Upon reading more of the 3rd anni SS, I’ve realized that, wow, there’s a lot of spoilers here for the 2nd anni SS. To be honest, I haven’t read all the 2nd anni stories myself so I’m wondering if there are spoilers for the first year SS there too. Oh well, we’ll see. That being said, omg the 3rd anni SS is like a smorgasbord of characters from both games (LHL is AU), previous SS, and the dramas. It’s like a grand finale, almost. Man… Also, Campanella and Joshua are <3)

I think that's all the questions?!

Also, I'm very evil with this post. I admit. Don't worry, it'll all be over by the weekend. I hope. ^^V

Oh! Right. Some of you've been following this translation and using it as a walkthrough. Some of you have also accidentally gotten Ivan's best route when the guide got the normal route (basically meaning you got an extra "scene"). I've found out that this is most likely because, back in Part 1, you probably did the alternate Ivan route and continued playing using that bit rather than the original one. This adds 15 points to your luck, which is probably enough to set you on the Best Route (which is decided mainly by luck).

Sorry for the confusion! (Though, to be honest, I don't think any of you were disappointed … just confused ^^; )


Lucky Dog 1 Chapter 11 Ivan route 02

Lucky Dog 1 Chapter 11 Ivan route 03

Lucky Dog 1 3rd Anniverary Short Story Demon’s Ringlet – excerpt

Vocaloid – All Good on the Sakura Front! – 桜前線異常ナシ

Vocaloid – Caged Bird – 籠ノ鳥


UtaPrince Amazing Aria (PSP) (I’ll finish it one day … grr…)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Trish
    Jun 22, 2012 @ 14:26:14

    You’re fucking brilliant and made my day. ❤



  2. Li
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:38:22

    I was wondering how you’re going to organise the best/normal/bad routes of each character on the summary (index?) page. Have you thought about that?



    • terracannon876
      Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:49:15

      It’s actually something I’d been thinking about recently. Good and best routes will split off immediately after the first choice in Part 3, and then they will stay separate. Even though much of the route is the same, I’m going to make a duplicate of the pages so that the normal route only contains decisions for the normal route, and the same for the best route. The bad endings will be linked in the same manner whenever the choice comes up.



    • terracannon876
      Jun 23, 2012 @ 17:51:25

      Oh whoops. You meant in the main page ^^; Um, for that I’m just going to put the unique episodes from the best route in the places the belong on the list with some marker. Same with the best route.



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