Random Updates

Nothing of note updated on this site.  I’ve been editing and re-checking the old chapters, so if you’ve been rereading you might’ve noticed some rewording here and there.  It should run smoother now.  I’ve only done up to Part 1, though.  Hopefully I’ll have finished translating the bad ending by the time I finish Part 2, and then I can go smoothly into copying/translating Part 3, which is where Ivan’s best route splits off from.

I’ve also added a feature to the choice buttons.  If you hold your mouse over the choices, you’ll see the effect on your affection with a character, Luck, and Omerta.  This is far from complete (it’ll only be done once I finish all the routes, geh), but it’s a start.

In other news, Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 are out!  And doing very well.  Not as well as B&W, but that’s to be expected, as a sequel.  It’ll hopefully have long legs.  I’m doing a series of playtests for that on Siliconera, so maybe you all can go check it out.

Also, Entropy-manga has released two new chapters today – Dolls v6 ch40 and Hataraki Man v2 ch11.  If you follow either series (or even if you don’t), go to their (our?) site for instructions on how to download!

Finally, news on Tennenouji.  They are currently hiring a designer, primarily for their website and announcements, and a writer.  For both, they have to have somewhat regular work hours, live in Japan (Nagoya), speak Japanese, and be willing to work on NSFW content (hah).  They also ask for a sample of your work.  This may be an odd place to advertise for this, but just in case some Japanese-dwellers come on this site (and I know they do) and are interested and have the skills, here’s a head’s up.

In addition, the 3rd Anniversary book has been delayed from Aug. 10 to Oct. 10.  Instead of being the anniversary books now, though, it’ll also serve as a 29th birthday celebration for Gian, so yay!  (Always look on the bright side because the poor writers are over-stressing themselves enough as it is.)

Entropy Releases:

  • Dolls v6 ch40
  • Hataraki Man v2 ch11

Siliconera Playtests:


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