Updates and lots of videos

Lots of things to say, but don’t know where to start.

First off, a big thanks to a few readers who’ve been a great help and have even donated fanart / AMVs!  You can see their works in the Library.

Finally finished the Ivan Best Route.  I’ve revamped the menus for LD1 too, so it should stop crashing on me when I update.  I think the chibis are a big hit with you guys, too (seriously, how do you spot my updates before I make a post?!), apparently.  It’s also a blatant excuse for me to upload pretty images without actually having a gallery section.  (Because of the change in the menu, though, there may be a few broken links lying about.  Please comment on the page with the link if you find one!  …There shouldn’t be many left, though…)

So, I’ve only posted the scenes specific to the Best Route on the side bar.  There’s still some other minute differences, though, so if you want you can read the route again =P

Oh right.  Speaking of Ivan…  Someone asked me about the kid that died in Ivan’s route, Al.  It actually is the same Al that tags along with Ivan in IFG.  I had to think about it for a bit to figure out how that’s possible (while giving tennenouji the benefit of the doubt that they didn’t forget who they’d killed off), and … yeah.  Different routes.  He dies on Ivan’s route, but he’s alive on Gian’s canon route.  I can’t believe I forgot that part ^^;  That’s your answer, person-who-asked-but-shall-not-be-named! \o/

In addition … lotsa nice videos.  I got two as a gift from a reader, posted below, but I’ve also discovered a nice firefox app that actually allows me to download the nicovideo vids in HQ, so I’m reuploading the old ones (-ERROR in HQ is so good *_*) and adding some new ones.  As a gift, I also present the video below…

Remember, Suzuki Tatsuhisa is Gian ^^  This is an old song … it appeared on the same CD as the ending of Sukisyo, Just a Survivor.  (Point of interest for some: the singer of the opening – Daydreamin’ – is Taniyama Kishou … Natsuki =P )  (God he looks like he’s having fun…)

In addition, there’s a new UtaPrince game coming out!  UtaPrince All Star looks like it’ll focus on the 4 senpai (I’m too lazy to think up an appropriate translation for that atm), and Broccoli’ve started releasing sample songs.  Three are below, reposted from the blog Utapri06STARISH.  (Also remember … Ranmaru is Suzuki Tatsuhisa too!  …Yes, this is actually, seriously a coincidence.  I had a fit when I learned of this back when Debut came out.)


Terashima Takuma — Ittoki Otoya — also has a single sample on that blog, although I can’t (and probably shouldn’t, at the rate this post’s going) post it here.

(I really like Ai’s song…  I didn’t like his voice in the drama, but I really like his voice here…)

..Well, I think I’ve bombarded you all enough today.  I’ll leave the other topics for another time … like Spider-Man … and AnoHana


(…Wow, there really aren’t that many Luchino and Bernardo videos around…)

Suggestions…  Um, they’re all kind of pretty.  The Scarlet AMV (with the really long title) has a really great song, and I really want to be able to translate that at some time … and it’s nice seeing Love Story and ERROR without pixels the size of my fist.  Of the new ones, I really like Life Goes On and 7th Heaven.  (Watch for the spoiler warning on the latter, though!)


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. procrastinate_monster
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 08:11:16

    so to conclude, Al is a zombie ._.
    ahh, I’ve found suzuki tatsuhisa’s song loong time ago xD
    there’s another good song.. umm…. Towayuki?



    • terracannon876
      Jul 18, 2012 @ 17:04:50

      The Sukisyo endings were where I’d first heard of Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s name. Didn’t know he was a VA too until this game. I really liked the songs too, so they hold a special place =) Also figured there’d be some people who haven’t seen it XD

      Oh come on, if Al were a zombie, technically so would everyone =p The bad endings are kind to no one. Al just kicks it during the route instead of in one of the endings XD



  2. absenceoffaith
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 14:55:30

    Thanks for all the videos to watch ;D. I like the one with Gian singing live. It made me happy :D. He’s super cute, in game and in person. Also I stalk the site almost daily and that’s why I know when you updated something before you post a thing for it. Is that a bit creepy? Haha… It probably is >.>… sorry… v.v…



    • terracannon876
      Jul 25, 2012 @ 15:51:31

      I love how when we have a role we love for a person, that person is now him. Hehe, poor Tatsuhisa. He is now forevermore Gian. (But that’s not a bad thing!!) Heck, the way he’s dancing up there, he may as well be Gian…

      You … are admittedly far from my only stalker, if my comments and stats are to be believed. All the same, it’s kinda flattering. I luv my readers =3

      Btw, curiosity question. Who’s that in your avatar? I keep thinking Persona, but it doesn’t look like anyone I know.



  3. Li
    Jul 25, 2012 @ 15:19:27

    Hey there, I’m back. First thing I wanna ask is why you put the Day 3 Opening not with the links listed on the main page. It’s still part of the general scenes, right? It even houses the pic with the option to choose between the routes. So why put it with the routes?



    • terracannon876
      Jul 25, 2012 @ 15:45:31

      …hm. You’re right about that. Originally I’d thought to keep all of Chapter 3 together for flow, but seeing where I put the split, it’s be better to keep it out of the individual menus, probably…



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