I had no idea there was a convention this weekend (Anime Boston) until I almost walked into someone cosplaying the main chara from YGO GX and someone else with the FMA military uniform. Huh. Maybe I’ll drop in tomorrow to see what it’s like. I’ve never been to a con before.

Not much news. Giulio’s bad ending is essentially done – I just need to upload it (so it will likely be up this weekend). Currently working on Bernardo’s part 1.

In other news, tennenouji is doing 4th Anniversary gifts!

LD laptop

Yes, that is a laptop. A pretty high-spec one, from what I hear, with 50 wallpapers packed (pt. 2) into the laptop and 4 cleaning cloths (pt. 4) with the illustrations provided. (Usually I’m all for Anni gifts, but … this one is pushing the price range a bit far; not to mention my laptop is working perfectly fine.) Oh well…

(Does anyone have a copy of the left image in the 4th row? I hear it appeared only in the Cool-B magazine, but was released too late to make it into the YURA Lucky Pack fanbook… I’m hoping to use it or a form of the image on my blog. It’s the one with Ivan and Gian.)

On a side note, random promotion! I came across this webcomic, Lackadaisy, (someone sent me a link, and I thought, hey, cute, cats!). It’s drawn excellently and written very well. It’s about a cafe / speakeasy in St. Louis during the early Prohibition (1920, I think, is the setting?) and one … especially wacky delinquent in particular.

(I’m guilty of constantly drawing parallels between this webcomic and LD, but … I’m probably not going to be the only one. The only difference is girls actually exist in the Lackadaisy world ._.)

If you want to read it, you can click the link above => Comic, and then use the scroll bar to go ALL the way up to Lackadaisy Introductions 1. The page that appears first is the latest page (I got confused. SO confused ><) Or, you can click this link instead ^^

Hope you enjoy!

Edit: And of course the first thing I do is purchase the complete Orphen DVD series ._.

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