LD 4th Anniversary

Happy 4th Anniversary, Lucky Dog 1!!  Congratulations!

Wow, it’s already been four years…

In news … nothing really.  Was convinced to go to Otakon, so now I’m sewing (or … doing some sewing but mostly just watching my friend work her magic on the sewing machine) up a costume…  (God help me ><)

Found and hoarded loads of Lucky Dog 1 preorder goods.  It’s not even funny how I just went and POUNCED on them.  I’m still missing one, but I’ll wait to see if I can find a copy of the 10-page thing that isn’t 100$.  Still trying to figure out what to do with the manga bits.  (Suggestions?  I can’t just post scans here for obvious reasons.)

Lucky Dog 1 4th Anni gifts … hm.  One was a laptop (preorders continue until 6-16) and the other is a set of 4th anni books.  This one is very small – 44 pages each.  Each book contains a 22-page full color manga short by our favorite Yura for each character.  There’s also a sort of lottery going on if you preorder the book set (started on Sat but continues into Nov. 22).  (If you wish to preorder, please visit YokattaWeb’s website and just tell them you want the books.  Specify which item you want – giovane, vecchio, or both.  The lottery only comes with both.)  The books come out on Christmas day.

Aside from a new position they’re hiring for, tennenouji have stated on their blog today that they are currently aiming for an official finish date of August with bad egg+.  To be honest, I would take this news with a grain of salt, but since this has the word “official” on it…?  Well, there are always delays.  (Speaking of, it does appear that they are adding a crapload of content, so whatever comes out is almost guaranteed to be amazing.  Patience…) (I just got the Yura Lucky Pack … and I saw a picture of GD!Gian in Yura’s current art style.  omfg… <3)

In more local news, nothing has been updated.  Currently working on Bernardo’s route, but progress has been slow.  Things will be faster, I hope, now that Mom is coming back from England tomorrow.  Taking care of the house and dog on your own is hard…

Until next time~




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