No Thank You foreign support

Since Japanese visual novels need all the help they can get on making it overseas, and as a favor to a friend:

This comes from the aarinfantasy forum’s ‘No, Thank You!” thread.  A user is hoping on showing the Japanese company overseas support in hopes of showing foreign support.

Here is the thread message:

“I don’t really post very often, but me and some friends are getting a collage together of copies of NTY!!! pictured against english keyboards to send to the Parade staff as a show of foreign support. We thought it’d be cool if any of you who are actually buying it would like to contribute too! Just send me an email at if you’ve preordered a copy, and once everyone gets theirs in and sends me the pictures, we’ll tweet the collage at the Parade staff and they can show all their friends how foreigners really like their game.

Notes If You’re Considering Buying It:
In the event of NTY!!! getting an english patch, patches are known to work better on legitimate copies of games than rips. You will be able to apply the patch to your game if you buy it just as easily as you would if you’d downloaded it.
If you want to buy a copy of NTY!!! you can do so here, amiami ships worldwide and has just obtained more stock after we sold them out of preorders last week. If enough people show support from outside of Japan, they might consider making it easier for people outside of Japan to play them. (offering downloads instead of imports and such)
If anybody needs help ordering a copy I can answer questions over email.
I heard at least one of you is already preordering a copy, it would be really neat to have your help.”

No, Thank You!’s summary is as follows: The story is about a 22 year old man who saves a guy from being run over by a car. You get hit instead and when you wake up all your memories are gone. The man you helped takes you in and let you work at his bar, but shady things are going on behind the nice facade.

The game has yet to be released, but pictures etc. can be found here on the official site.

(I do not personally know anything about this game, lol…  But I figure since it’s all BL, someone somewhere will be interested in this.  Please support if you plan on obtaining the game!)

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