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First off, thank you everyone for your patience and your continuous support.  I know it’s been a long time since I’ve last updated, and though every comment made me feel guilty about not posting yet, it also means that there are still people who care about this blog, so thank you for the nudges.  Also, I’m glad you liked the April Fools 🙂  Even though I hadn’t updated for a long time and that, of all things, was the update to break the drought, it was a bit time sensitive and relatively easy, so…  I’m glad you had fun 🙂

These past few months have been a roller coaster of ups and downs, good news and bad.  Most of it has to do with my life – all of January I was in China, last last week I was at my first business conference (and my coworkers got to see me geek out about statistics and go wtf), etc.  I’ve also learned many things about myself – I think I’ve grown more scatterbrained over these past few years and it’s really starting to show, so I have to crank down on myself.  I’m also going to be moving to Canada come August, so the near future (and the next 5 years) will be pretty busy for me.  My goal is to finish the translation (not the uploading, but the actual translation / editing) for LD1 by June/July, including Luchino’s route, but I know that that is a long shot.  Still, I’ll give it my best.

I’m also considering finding people to help me with the editing process.   Personally, I’d love to go through the entire script myself, but at this rate, I don’t think I have the time (unless we set the target date for December, lol).  I’m nowhere near that good in English (or rather, specialized English, haha), written or spoken, so, I will need to enlist people’s help.  I won’t actually start the editing phase until I am finished with the translation, but please let me know if you are interested.  Details are in the Requests section.

There are so many, so many things I want to do with this site, but plans don’t amount to anything unless I work at it, and between distractions, my job, and other stress factors … well, it’s slow chugging, lol.  I suppose all I can do is keep on remembering my dreams for his site.

Oh, and I hope to do some sort of Lucky Dog 1 fanwork contest as I finish up the game.  But uh, again, I’ll need a few months, lol.  Just something to think about.

Mm, what else have I been doing the past few days.  I’m sure many of you know Twitch Plays Pokemon.  My friend (or rather, a few friends) watched the stream religiously (hah) and talked about it to me, and I was all like OMG POKEMON NOSTALGIA, so I uh … had the brilliant idea of replaying all the Pokemon games.  From scratch.  From Generation 1.  Good luck and godspeed.

Also.  Escape Goat.  AMAZING.

Also, Super Hexagon.  ADDICTING ><

So, what is this update, you ask?  Why, only the long-awaited Bernardo scene, of course.

Bernardo … is interesting.  I never really liked his route because, out of all of the routes, his has the least action.  But I also found his romance to be the most awkward.  Please let me know what you think!  And hang tight until the next update 🙂

One last note to this long update.  I know I haven’t been responding quite so faithfully to everyone’s comments – especially the ones about corrections.  Please don’t hesitate to leave those behind – I’ll definitely take them into account when I edit.  Currently I am prioritizing moving forward rather than looking back, but any feedback you guys have helps!


12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Pengaana
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 11:49:15

    OH MY GOODNESS, like last night I had a dream that you updated and I scrambled this morning to see if it was true and it was!

    Don’t worry about being scare, we’re all adults here, goodness knows life can get the best of us sometimes and it sounds like you’ve been busy. I mean just within the last few updates I’ve started thinking about job internships, collage graduation, and have gotten a new dog. These things happen. We’re just happy that you’re still on board with this project. And you’re still one person after all (you haven’t split apart to make a new person have you) so considering what you’ve done and what you’ve got in store at the rate you’re going it’s still really amazing!

    Haha I’ve always liked Bernardo from the start (I find him really adorable and sincere). I enjoy awkward romance so I’ll think I’ll enjoy this. I’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting after all. ‘v’



    • terracannon876
      Apr 24, 2014 @ 18:27:48

      Thank you for your constant support ;_; I admit I was in a bit of a down mood when I wrote the post, but life is still chugging along busily.

      Haha, when you say “last few updates,” you make it sound like a short period of time, but I think on this blog that was a period over 6 months or so XDDDD Technically, a long time. And congratulations on your future graduation! 😉



  2. yoa
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 11:53:30

    Ld1 Blast 17 ?



  3. Silver Lou
    Apr 13, 2014 @ 08:54:39

    Yuppii! NSFW with Bernardo! 😀

    Anyway, things happen in everyone’s life, so don’t worry. As I said, you already did a lot with this project and nobody will complain if you take your time. 
    And your work is amazing! ^^

    …What about the LD1 contest? I’m curious 🙂

    And… Just a word: Pokémon ❤



    • terracannon876
      Apr 14, 2014 @ 07:27:02

      Pokemon ❤

      The contest is just a hare-brained idea I have had for the past year or so. Basically compile a book of fanworks of some kind (most likely fanart, but I'm wondering if other types would work, too, like small fics) and send them over to tennenouji to show our support. All the works would go in but then there'd be a contest (if there's more than one type, then maybe the categories would be separated) and the top few would get prizes. Those I already have most of. No idea how judging is going to work. But yeah. Basically something crazy like that.



  4. May Leung
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 00:54:15

    Welcome back~

    I’m so jealous you got to go to China! I’ve wanted to go for years now, since the last time I was there I was an awkward 14 year old oh god. I’ve always wanted to experience Chinese New Years in China itself, every year I just sit depressed and lonely at home as I watch the festivities unfold on TV T____T

    I’m super psyched about the Bernardo update! He might be my favorite out of the 4. It’s hard to say since Gian has such different dynamics with each of them and it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to translating LD1! I wish I could have as much perseverance, I usually leave big tasks unfinished ): but really when I think about it I stumbled upon these translations so long ago and they’re still ongoing. Stay awesome!!!



    • terracannon876
      Apr 24, 2014 @ 18:51:58

      Did I reply to this one already? If not, you’re getting a second reply XD

      To be fair, I missed Chinese New Years in both Hong Kong and Shanghai by like … a week. Had to go back because I ran out of vacation days ._. I did see preparations, though.

      Won Tai Sin Temple, Hong Kong, Chinese New Year's, 01-2014

      Haha, that’s how I feel with them. They all interact with Gian in such different ways, and they’re all rounded out and have their own ups and downs. …To make it easier, I just say I’m a Gian fan XD ANY PAIRING PLZ \o/

      Thank you for continuing to stay with this blog 😉 Here’s to hoping I finish this year!



  5. KStar
    Apr 19, 2014 @ 13:26:37

    Thank you ❤



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