Bernardo best route 11-03

Would you prefer I post updates this way?  One at a time instead of all at once?

Also, super excited that Robin made it into Super Smash Bros 🙂  I had been hoping for it the longest time, despite leaks stating Chrom and being the protagonist, because it seemed like the more adventurous choice.  Mage + sword, not to mention the possibility of switching classes.  And now with the costume changes, you could do M/F, too.  I was surprised they actually did do it (though without class changes), but oh so happy ❤

(PS: I named my Robin Soren without realizing there was another Soren in FE…  This sucks both in that I have to get used to him being Robin in all the fics/official material, but also in that I can’t use my name for fear of confusion because of the original Soren, lol.)

(BUT HE LOOKED LIKE A SOREN!  Sou from Japanese kanji for Azure, Ren from lotus.  Bwahhaha.)


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