Lucky Dog 1 interview


Just today, the first part of a two-part interview with tennenouji was published on Siliconera.  This interview focuses on how they wrote Lucky Dog 1, how tennenouji started, etc.  The next will focus on their views of Steam and the Western audience.

There is also an important announcement in this interview!

The interview can be found here.

Here’s a preview question:

Lucky Dog 1 is a story revolving around an Italian Mafia situated in America. Why did you choose the Italian Mafia (instead of, for example, Japan’s own Yakua)?

T: At first, we wanted to write something focused on “a jailbreak in a country that isn’t Japan”. This had already eliminated the choice of using the Japanese Yakuza.

As a motivation for breaking out of jail, we thought up the reward of “becoming a Mafia boss”. As for “Why an Italian Mafia”? The Italian Mafia is highly recognized in Japan (probably because of The Untouchables), so we thought that it would be easier for the players to envision this way.



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