Contest and Life Update

So, sorry I’ve been silent lately – both on this site and in my emails, for those of you who have registered to the contest lately.  I’ve actually been handling some pretty busy life business lately (let’s just say the laptop I use for screencapturing LD data died and leave it at that), but now things have settled down a bit.  No one needs to worry – I’m still doing the translations, of course.  Just as a head’s up, though, for anyone wanting to know if I really did drop off the face of the Earth or something and want to contact me, you can find me at either my tumblr accounts (terracannon876 or terracannon877) or my twitter account (terracannon876).

Basically my four blogs will work like this:

  • WordPress will be solely for translation and/or writing purposes (ie, original content)
  • terracannon876 tumblr is … the usual tumblr stuff
  • terracannon877 tumblr is for my thoughts on the games I play, references I pick up for my hopeful writing projects, and some LD stuff
  • Twitter won’t be used much, but I’ve found it’s a pretty good way of making random conversation with tennenouji

So if there’s been a lot of inactivity on WordPress, it’s not because I’ve given up on translating or anything.  It’s because there hasn’t been any major updates.  If you’d like, please feel free to poke me through my other blogs as well.

Anyways, down to the main order of business.


We now have 28 participants!!  I mean, I know I said I’m hoping for 50 before the start of Judging period (Oct.) but STILL.  So many people~~

Current participants: 28

  • Fanart: 13
  • Doujinshi: 1
  • Cosplay: 4
  • Fanfiction: 3
  • Other: 6
    • Paper models
    • Perler beads
    • Felt plushies
    • Hama mittons
    • Figurine sculpting

I love the variety :3

Anyways, there’s still time!  It’s never too late to register (well, before end of Oct., I mean), so feel free to let new LD fans know!  (Or, if you’re working up your nerve … you still have time to work it up??!)




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