+bad egg Update

tennenouji recently released a notice about the bad egg+ expansion pack. As you can expect, it’s not exactly good news, but it is pretty important.

By now, you are probably not surprised about the news at all, but the game has been delayed again from its current release date of December 2014.

The current progress of the game is:
– 80% of the epilogue scenarios after the original endings, and
– 36% of the new bad egg+ scenario
have been completed.

It is also worth noting that this mere “36%” is actually already 392% of what they had originally intended to add for the bad egg+ scenarios.

They have stated that while it is possible to complete the game simply by handing it off to other people (because the delays have been caused by various situations that will be gone into below), they – Jinnai and Suganuma – are trying their best to give the story to the fans with the best quality possible.

They also call this game the “concluding installment,” which is yet another reason to give it their best go.

Because of this, they have decided to change the release date to “Undetermined” for bad egg+.

As stated before, the reasons are gone into below in a letter written directly by Suganuma.

I will translate what he says below.  Some parts … I don’t really feel comfortable translating, but as Suganuma himself wrote this, he would want it to be read in this fashion, in full, and so here it is, in full.

“Originally, +bad egg was set to have content (and the amount of content) on par with that of the Lucky Dog 1 main game, in addition to including the stories and information from the Drama [CDs] and SS that the fans love so much. We at tennenouji set up a schedule with this amount of volume in mind, and, being in charge of the script, I was given such a generous amount of time and payment to work on this project.

“However, because of personal errors on my part and various other reasons, the script creation has been immensely delayed, and it has in fact pushed back the +bad egg release schedule as well. I can only apologize deeply to the fans whose expectations have been betrayed and to the related parties for whom we have burdened.

“Starting last year, I have failed to maintain my own health, and because of this, the work that has been given to me has been greatly delayed. In addition, this year, my mother has fallen gravely ill, and I have been devoting my time to visiting her and caring for her.

“Even now, I am continuing caring for my mother, and, in a good sense, this difficult situation has stabilized. However, if I yield here, then I will be truly betraying all the fans that I have disappointed thus far, all the related parties, as well as this very job that has provided me with food on my table and skills to work this very task. I can’t bear to think of this. In this difficult time, even if I have to crawl and drag myself through working on this script, I have resolved to spend every last drop of what little ability I have to completing Lucky Dog 1 + bad egg.

“Currently, all the plotting and designing of +bad egg’s large multiple routes, the added Bakshi version, and the four stories detailing the battles and happiness awaiting each of the four characters after the [main] game have been completed, and the script is proceeding under Jinnai and the other staff members’ good hands. All the work involving the development and placement of new characters, the new event content, and the beautiful graphics in the game have proceeded as planned for everything other than what I’ve delayed.

“It is an embarrassment that I have to apologize and give my excuses in this fashion, and I cannot apologize enough for all of this.

“Up until now, we haven’t been reaching out or apologizing in this fashion, but starting now we hope to keep everyone updated on our progress as we continue our work.

“I can only humbly pray and request that you will continue to support the Lucky Dog 1 series and +bad egg in the future and that I may be scolded for my incompetence.

Aug. 22, 2014
Suganuma Kyouji(?)”

…Is anyone interested in sending some get well cards to the poor fellow? I would love to organize this, but I don’t know the interest for it.

(Basically how I see it working is, you send the cards to me and I ship them in a bundled package to tennenouji. Simple.)

I would really love to be able to send him something nice, and though the contest book is also going to tennenouji, maybe this can be something more personal (and cheaper)?


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Silver Lou
    Aug 26, 2014 @ 13:52:57

    Well… that surely is a pity ( ; ; )but we can’t do very much but support them and show ’em our apreciation for their hard work, no? Count me in to send some get well card (is it ok if we send it to you via email?)! (=^x^=) And, well, we can just think that the more they spend to create the game, the better it will be! ^v^ Frankly, every time they delay the relase date I don’t know if feeling either happy or impatient… and I end feeling both, ahah ^__^”
    Btw, I read about this, uhm, peculiarity of japanese, that they feel guilty when they sicken for not being able to protect their body (or something like that). Saganuma-san wrote, “I have failed to mantain my own healt” and that’s unusual to hear (read?). I feel kinda sorry for him, but I also hope that he’ll get well soon! ^^



  2. May Leung
    Aug 26, 2014 @ 19:21:08

    I am interested in sending a get well card as well! I very much appreciate the update on bag egg+ and it’s much better than being left in the dark delay after delay. I don’t think many people understand how much work it is putting together this expansion pack (I can’t imagine it myself) and at this point, bag egg+ is pretty much a sequel rather than an additional route or two. I would like to express my appreciation for Suganuma’s hard work despite the ailing health of his mother and himself. And if it means that bad egg+ will have more content than initially predicted…it’s definitely worth the wait 😉 Much respect for tennenouji as always.



  3. Pengaana
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 12:42:16

    Personally any news is better than no news, I’m so happy they took the time to let us know what’s going on (and you too for translating it for us so that their English speaking fans know what’s up). I can tell the team is putting their heart and soul into this game, it’s just gotten bigger and bigger but it will all be worth it in the end I can feel it. It’s hard not to feel a little impatient from all the news (or lack thereof causing speculation) about it but good things come to those who wait so, I’ll just keep on waiting.

    Sending all positive vibes in Suganuma’s general direction, I can’t see any reason why sending a get well card would be hard to do (sending it to you anyway, postage on letters is cheap), hopefully enough people can be on board for this.

    Also now that I think about it with the delay that’s more than enough time for you to finish up the last routes in the game xD



  4. Iijan Pijon
    Aug 27, 2014 @ 15:27:27

    Depending on the shipping price, I might only be able to send a ‘get well’ post card. Is that acceptable?



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