Project Sugacards

That sounds like a cool title, right?

It sounds like the majority says yes, they are interested, so I have a few thoughts on how this might work.

One is that you can type me the message, and I’ll transcribe it to a card.  This is … fairly arbitrary, but the cheapest for you.

Two is that you can send me scans and I’ll print it out.

Three is that you can send me what you want to send to the Suga, and I’ll put it with the rest of the cards and forward them as a box or something.  (Please note, though, that I live in Canada now, not the USA.)

Comment on which you prefer or if you have any other ideas?  I’m hoping for something physical, so just a digital copy of the cards doesn’t feel right.

If you have something in mind already, just drop me an email at with Sugacard as the subject line.

Mmm, unrelated to the Sugacards is the issue of where I live.  As I just mentioned, I am currently in Canada (another reason for inactivity on the blog), which means that there are repercussions for contest prize shipping fees.  All I can say is that this one is entirely on me (since I had started the contest while I was in the USA, so you had expected me to stay there), so I am willing to foot part of the shipping.  Details will be up for discussion later.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Glittergloom
    Sep 02, 2014 @ 10:17:10

    Maybe to save money on shipping, people could hand-write their message, and either take a good quality close-up photo of it or use a scanner to scan their message and send it to you as a digital file? Or if people have one they could write their message using a drawing tablet and send you a copy of it – that way It’d still be personalised cause I’d still be handwritten? ‘ w ‘ Although I don’t know if that’d be practical for you because of the cost of the ink that’d be need to print the digital messages to make physical copies? ; v ;



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