Lucky Dog 1 contest prize update and Project Sugacard

I’ve finally received the last of the prizes and have posted images of them.  There are a few things to mention.

The most important is with regards to the mini-Dakimakura.  I had no idea of the dimensions of the item prior to setting this contest up (or receiving the item), but let me say that when they say “mini,” they really do mean “mini.”  Please note the size of the elongated “stress ball” using the ruler beside it.

Another is that I hope to use the trading cards, stickers, and bookmarks as consolation gifts, separately (since there are a lot of extras).  However, if you would like a full set, they can also be given away as one whole set (or as complete a set as I can make it) for a higher number of points.  (Remember?  The higher rank you have in the judging section, the more points you get, etc.)

I was surprised, but a special card was given to me with the LHL Yura Pack artbook, so that will also be included with the book giveaway.  I believe it is a preorder book.  You can see part of it inserted into the front cover photo of the artbook.

As mentioned above, I am trying to do a point system for judging.  Thus, it would be extremely helpful if I know how many people are participating early on, so if you’re planning on registering as you’re submitting, please consider doing it earlier.  (Like … now.)

Friendly reminder that the deadline is Oct. 20.  I will be sending out an email to everyone that has registered thus far (all 28 of you) on Sept. 20.

Current participants: 28

  • Fanart: 13
  • Doujinshi: 1
  • Cosplay: 4
  • Fanfiction: 3
  • Other: 6
    • Paper models
    • Perler beads
    • Felt plushies
    • Hama mittons
    • Figurine sculpting

Now, second order of business.  The Sugacards.  For those of you who missed the previous post, this is more or less a mini get-well card project, just to cheer tennenouji (or, more specifically, the main writer for Bad Egg+, Suganuma) up.  There was a poll on the site about it, and it seems an OK number of you are good with helping out?

I’ve thought about how to do this project, but I figured the easiest may be to just do it electronically.  Then I’d print them out and just send them over.  This will reduce on shipping.

Now, there are two options.  You can

  • Make your own card, take a picture or scan it, and send it to my site email.  I will then print it out.
  • Use the image below as a template (provided courtesy of user Iijon Pijon.  Thanks!) and add some words onto it via Adobe Photoshop, MS Paint, or any program you can use, and then send it back to me.  I will then print this card out.

The email used for this will be the same as the contest email at

I hope to collect at least 10!  20 would be nice, too ;D  Just a few words, a hello, a “Please get well” is good enough!

Current cards: 1


(PS: I just thought it was really cute.  100 cranes per card, meaning 10 cards to 1000 for a wish come true!)

Thanks for your support!

(PSS: There are some problems with continuing with the translation.  At best, I can work on it on the weekends right now, but I’d prefer to start up again mid-October.  Reasons for delay thus far include school, moving, dead laptop, and motivation.  I’m really sorry for this delay.)

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