Sugacard and Contest progress

Before I start with the label on the tin, I just wanted to first sincerely apologize for the lack of actual updates on this blog.  I did explain why in a previous post, but I wanted to put it at the front this time.

The biggest reason is that my previous work laptop (that is, the laptop I use to work on LD1 translations) died fairly recently, and I had to order a replacement.  However, the replacement arrived at my house, which is 6 hours away, so the next time I can pick it up is in first/second week of October.  Until then, it really is a hassle to work around the current formatting of my current laptop, so … sorry.  Be patient 😦

Second reason is one shared by everyone at some stage in their creative career, haha.  One word: School.

Anywhos, that’s why I can update my tumblr and keep up with contest and Sugacard stuff, but not be updating the translation or blog 😦

So, onto business.  Sugacards!  Thank you everyone for your interest!  I am currently at 4 cards with 2-3 tentative ones.  I’m looking for at least 10 total, so please contribute one if you have the time 🙂  (For questions on what Sugacards is, it’s basically a get-well card for one of the writers of tennenouji.  Please see this post for details.  And here is a template if you want to use it.)

Current cards: 4

As for the contest, today is the 20th of September!  I’ll be sending reminder emails out to the current 31 participants (Yes!  I got two more! :D) later today (or tomorrow) when I have time.  The due date is Oct. 20, so that means one more month until submission date.

Current participants: 31

  • Fanart: 14
  • Doujinshi: 2
  • Cosplay: 4
  • Fanfiction: 3
  • Other: 6
    • Paper models
    • Perler beads
    • Felt plushies
    • Hama mittons
    • Figurine sculpting

Remember that contest prize pictures have been updated (minus the doujinshi, which I also have to pick up in October, with my laptop).  The rules for submission and such are on the rules page.  Click on the “Submission Guidelines” link at the top of the page to hop down to the guidelines for each category (fanart, cosplay, etc.).

Speaking of, looking at the categories, I may have to compress some of them since there are far fewer doujinshi and fanfiction sections.  Does anyone object to me doing this?  Please feel free to leave a comment about your opinion.  (Combining the two would mean they are judged together, so the doujinshi would be compared with the fanfiction as well.)

Until next time!


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