1-week reminder for contest

Before I get to the reminder, 2 bits of news.

One, there was a problem with my laptop order (or rather, the laptop itself.  “Harddrive problems,” says Memory Diagnostics), but … whatever.  I’m going to attempt to work on the translation using the laptop I have, but between life (re: school) and the inconvenience of using this laptop, it will be a bit slow.  But at least it’s not at a standstill.  Sorry for the wait.

Two, I brought the Lucky Dog 1 doujinshi I have from home and will be sorting out which ones I will give away as prizes.  I will also be translating these, so don’t worry about the language barrier.  (You will have to suffer the amateur “Here’s my translation on 12 sheets of paper” though 🙂 ).  Images and summaries should be up in the week between the end of submissions and the start of judging.

(This is the same as the email sent to all the participants.)

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slightly late email (by one day!).

(Also, sorry, but I couldn’t get to the 2-week reminder, in case you were waiting for that.)

This is the 1-week reminder for the contest. The deadline is Oct. 20 (Mon), so please get your submissions in before then!

There will be a slight delay between the submission deadline and me setting everything up for judging, but it should be done in a week. (Also, I will be done with tests at that time, so it’s good timing for me, too.)

Remember, for your submissions, please give me a title, a description / comment (like an author’s note), and/or a note to tennenouji for the book in the email, if you want to include these. If not, please tell me you don’t. Otherwise, I’d just email you back asking for this information.

Thank you all for participating! (If you have already sent your submission, please feel free to ignore this email.)

I will send one last reminder email on Oct. 19th.


Este es un mensaje para recordarle que el plazo para el concurso. Hay solamente una semana más hasta el 20 de octubre Por favor envíe su creación antes de esa fecha e incluir el título, una descripción y un mensaje para tennenouji si lo desea. Si no desea incluir estos, por favor dígame . Voy a enviar otro recordatorio el 19 de octubre . Gracias por su participación!

Current participants: 32

  • Fanart: 16
  • Doujinshi: 2
  • Cosplay: 4
  • Fanfiction: 4
  • Other: 6
    • Paper models
    • Perler beads
    • Felt plushies
    • Hama mittons
    • Figurine sculpting

Sugacards: 7


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Zokushi
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 01:58:30

    Nyaaaa~ Sorry to hear about your laptop issues. Too bad you can’t borrow Gian’s luck to make it suddenly start working :X

    Good luck to everyone entering the contest!



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