Contest Q

Someone asked me this, and for some reason I had never considered it, so though this is VERY late (literally 2 days left!), I just wanted to let you know about this.

You are only allowed to submit one judging submission for a category. Though I made no mention of this previously, this is for the entire contest.  This is mostly because, as I said, it is VERY late into the contest and I think a few people might have wanted a second chance in the contest had they known earlier.

It also sounds like I had implied this in the rules when I said “one judging submission only.”

Also, more people have asked me this, too.  When are the entries due?

They are due any time during the Oct. 20, so if you send them in on Oct. 20 24:00, then so be it.  …It’s not like I can lock my email down to prevent you from sending your entry in.

I think I mentioned this before, but I have picked out some doujinshi that I am willing to give away.  I will try to post pictures next weekend (I have a midterm this week, so nothing on this site is getting done over the weekdays).  These doujinshi are 20 or more pages and I will include translations.

Another email will be going out to you guys tomorrow reminding you about the deadline on Monday.  Good luck on your submissions!  (And, for some of you, on your studying!!)


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