One day left for contest!

Hello all!

There is one day left for the official deadline of the contest.  Submitting any time during Oct. 20 (or before) is fine.  As I stated in a post, it’s not like I can close my email down to prevent submissions.  Do keep in mind that I’m not editing the Pixiv judging site (however I get that up) once it is up, though.

However, if you still feel like submitting non-judging submissions for the book, you have no deadline restrictions.  Just try to get them in before, say, end of November.

(I am also looking for one more Sugacard.)

When you submit, please include:
1.) Submission (or photos of it)
2.) Identify which is judging submission (if applicable)
3.) Title (optional)
4.) Author’s note/comment (optional)
5.) tennenouji comment (optional)

And if you don’t want to include the optional parts, please tell me so I don’t poke you back 😉

Here are guidelines for each category of submission:

And, since this will be the last email about the submission process itself, I want to thank you all for participating!

Español :

Gracias por su participación en este concurso ! La fecha límite es mañana . En aproximadamente una semana, voy a contactar con usted sobre el proceso de evaluación .

Cuando usted envía su creación o fotos , por favor incluya un título , una descripción y mensaje a tennenouji si quieres . Éstos son opcionales , pero por favor me dicen si usted no desea .

Current participants: 33

  • Fanart: 17
  • Doujinshi: 2
  • Cosplay: 4
  • Fanfiction: 4
  • Other: 6
    • Paper models
    • Perler beads
    • Felt plushies
    • Hama mittons
    • Figurine sculpting

Sugacards: 7


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