Lucky Dog 1 update

There was a Lucky Dog 1 update today on the official site.  Since this is a pretty big update this time, I’m making a post on this.

1.) Suganuma (the main writer for LD1 bad egg+) now has a twitter account.  You can go stalk him here.

2.) There is now a live marker that shows how far along bad egg+ is on the side.  Currently, this is the progress.

badegg meter

3.) There are two new buttons in the body of the main page.  The bottom one leads to a working mail form where you can “kick Suganuma into action.”

4.) The top box leads to the “Lucky Dog 1 Super Long Short Story” that Suganuma will be writing as a change of pace and that will probably “take 10 years to complete.”  It is a “forbidden work.”

official site update

(Just in case you think he’s kidding about there being a SS, the top image on the main site actually does lead to 4 parts of an SS.  I have not read it so I don’t know what it’s about.)

Well, suspicions aside, the mail contact form is working and tennenouji does know some English, so please feel free to send words of encouragement.

The SS title, btw, is “BitterSweet Symposium.”

Update: All of the above were April Fool’s, including the Twitter account, lol.  Oh well, it was good while it lasted.  I had fun chatting with … I am willing to bet that was the tennenouji Support masquerading as him ^^;  (Or maybe Suganuma really did man a Twitter account for one day??)  I’ll be working on the SS regardless, though.  I will take any LD material I can, haha.

I wonder if the bad egg+ meter was really a joke, though…  (As in, are they really … 10% through?)


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