Song Requests

Quick update since I’ve (finally) finished all the song requests (and then some).

Of the songs, Iroha Poem (Gakupo ver.), Stripping’s Not the Problem Here!, and Laser Beam (not a Vocaloid song) are from the Lucky Dog videos.  The Iroha Poem is very different from Rin’s version.

I also did Magic Mirror, one of my all-time favorite Len-Rin songs, and because I have a fanfic based off it ^^;

Other than that, I really suggest Let it Be This Way Between Us, which is a song created with the anime Anohana in mind (which is also an amazing anime, so you should all go watch it!!).  One of the NicoNico vids for that, the one by 4Yen, has a beautiful redrawing, too.

On a side note, someone’s created a live action video using Gakupo’s Episode.0 as a base.  Whoo!  I wish they’d told me they were using the translations beforehand though … I would’ve cleaned it up some more ^^;;

Uhm … Lucky Dog news.  It’s coming.  Soon.  *runs as fast as possible*

Also, uploaded some fanfics of mine that aren’t on my account because I don’t really want to make readers wait and wait on that site, but I want to put it up somewhere…  And also did some Uta*Prince songs ^^;

Vocaloid translations:

Other song translations:

more updates!

Put up the Writings page with a list of stories I have posted thus far on as well as my original story, though I haven’t posted any content yet.

Black Friday shopping was crazy.  Got so much new tech I don’t know what to do with it all.  Needless to say, I’ll have lots to play with for Siliconera in the future.

Current Projects:

  • Fanfiction: Vocaloid – Baku, Pokemon
  • Translation: Lucky Dog 1
  • Game: Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS), Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS), Uta*Prince (PSP), GianCarlo’s Happy Lucky Life (PC)
  • Anime: NA
  • Books: NA

obligatory greeting post


terracannon876 here.  This shall be a blog for storing my writings, as well as the writings of friends.  This includes both fanfiction, original fiction, and fanfiction of both fanfiction and original fiction and possibly artworks of said fiction.

This also includes private translation projects I have, including prospective translations of the Japanese light novels Baccano! and Durarara!! by Narita Ryougo.  I’m also hoping to create a fan translation of Lucky Dog 1.

I may end up posting some crazy rants here too, based on anime or movies I’ve seen.  Rants on video games will not be included here because I am also one of the writers for Siliconera as well, so please visit that site instead (we need all the traffic we can get!).  Older games (i.e. ones before 2009) may have rants posted on this site.

Hopefully, I will end up compiling a “library” of fanfiction I like as well.  Maybe I’ll also create a small section based on trivia and topics that interest me, such as mythology, philosophy, etc.

I believe this is all I have planned for this site.  I’ll probably never finish, but … here’s to hoping!

~terra signing off

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