Lucky Dog Part 2 complete!

Lucky Dog 1 Part 2: Escape is complete!  This means I’m about halfway through with Ivan’s route!

The next part I’ll be translating the normal route for Ivan.  Why not the best route?  Because I feel it’ll be better to have something to build up towards.  Besides, in Ivan’s case, the two routes are almost exactly the same.

Also, I’ve uploaded a library section and a links section.  The library’s basically a collection of my favorite AMVs and fanfics and other stuff, and the links are my fave / suggested links.  They’re currently barebones, but the library section’s got Lucky Dog 1 AMVs, if anyone’s interested.  A few of them were only available on Niconico, so I’d uploaded them to Youtube.

Now I have to get going on everything else…  Haven’t done the FAQ yet, either … *mumble*…

My sister just got engaged, so we’re playing “meet the future son-in-law’s family” tomorrow.  I’m so screwed, homework-wise…


Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route 4

Lucky Dog 1 chapter 6 Ivan route 5

Lucky Dog 1 chapter 7 Ivan route 1

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Merry Christmas!

I’ll be off to Las Vegas and California until 1-5 without laptop access (except for when I can filch my dad’s), so there’ll be no progress on any front until I get back.  Le sad.

On another note, for now I’ve been looking through my old translations and editing them up to make them more English-y and less Japanese-y.  I’ll edit them after I’m done with all the script I have thus far.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

more pages up!

Posted the Baccano!, Durarara!!, and Uta*Prince pages, but they’re empty.  No translations to go along with them.

Well, having them up is already something done, right??!

As I said in those pages, I don’t have all the related material to these series.  If anyone does have them, please help out?

Also, while writing these pages, I’ve realized that some need more in-depth explanations.  I’ll probably put some information up on the Trivia page when things get desperate.


more updates!

Put up the Writings page with a list of stories I have posted thus far on as well as my original story, though I haven’t posted any content yet.

Black Friday shopping was crazy.  Got so much new tech I don’t know what to do with it all.  Needless to say, I’ll have lots to play with for Siliconera in the future.

Current Projects:

  • Fanfiction: Vocaloid – Baku, Pokemon
  • Translation: Lucky Dog 1
  • Game: Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS), Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS), Uta*Prince (PSP), GianCarlo’s Happy Lucky Life (PC)
  • Anime: NA
  • Books: NA

Lucky Dog 1

And finally, the first page of content is up!

…kinda sorta.  Not really.  But the table of contents is there, at least?

Yeah, I should go study, but I actually made progress with the translation.  Maybe one day I’ll actually post a translation…

about page

Hey there,

I updated my about page with basically the contents of the previous post.  Also linked to some of my other sites and put up a shell of a trivia page.

I think for my next project, I’ll try filling up the trivia page and posting stuff.  It’ll help me study for my upcoming tests too.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, so I haven’t done as much as I’d liked.  Also starting to get a bit short-tempered at my parents.  Should move out soon, so I’ll need to look for apartments too…

Got back into Beyblades thanks to finally finding the Japanese raws after 10 years.  Still can’t find season 2 raws, though.  Poor thing, no one likes you =(  Still obsessed with Uta*Prince and am getting the Sweet Serenade fangame soon.  Zelda: Skyward Sword is coming soon too.  Soooo excited!  …When am I going to play it though?! T_T

Until next time!


Current Projects:

  • Fanfiction: Vocaloid – Baku, Pokemon
  • Game: Lost in Shadows (Wii), Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded (DS), Uta*Prince (PSP), GianCarlo’s Happy Lucky Life (PC)
  • Anime: Beyblades?
  • Books: NA

obligatory greeting post


terracannon876 here.  This shall be a blog for storing my writings, as well as the writings of friends.  This includes both fanfiction, original fiction, and fanfiction of both fanfiction and original fiction and possibly artworks of said fiction.

This also includes private translation projects I have, including prospective translations of the Japanese light novels Baccano! and Durarara!! by Narita Ryougo.  I’m also hoping to create a fan translation of Lucky Dog 1.

I may end up posting some crazy rants here too, based on anime or movies I’ve seen.  Rants on video games will not be included here because I am also one of the writers for Siliconera as well, so please visit that site instead (we need all the traffic we can get!).  Older games (i.e. ones before 2009) may have rants posted on this site.

Hopefully, I will end up compiling a “library” of fanfiction I like as well.  Maybe I’ll also create a small section based on trivia and topics that interest me, such as mythology, philosophy, etc.

I believe this is all I have planned for this site.  I’ll probably never finish, but … here’s to hoping!

~terra signing off

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