Lucky Dog 1 discord

So … a Lucky Dog 1 discord channel exists (complete with bad egg spoilers but please don’t share those with me lol) if anyone wants to join ūüôā


Lucky dog 1 bad egg+ opening

This is my first attempt at uploading from my phone. 

Today tennenouji released the opening to the upcoming (for real) bad egg+ expansion!

Edit: I didn’t mean to post that yet…

Lucky Dog 1 Announcement

On July 7, 2018 (if you’re on the west coast of the US), there was an official announcement regarding Lucky Dog 1.¬† This only pertains to the original PC version of the game.

Did that make you nervous?

An official English release of Lucky Dog 1 was announced by publisher MangaGamer at the 2018 AnimeExpo convention.  Here is the promotional site.

The translation here will be used for this release.¬† (If you saw the announcement live, perhaps some translations in the opening looked familiar in all its … lovely glory.)¬† I will be cooperating and working with MangaGamer on this release.

In terms of how this affects the site, nothing is expected to change.¬† To be fair, this doesn’t mean much in recent years, when my posting speed has slowed to a crawl (I’m working on the next day in Luchino’s route at the moment, I swear!!), but it also means that the site will be updated as usual.¬† Thanks, MG!

With that, until next time.

New Spanish LD1 site

It randomly popped up in my mind, but I’d neglected to mention this last time.¬† A new(ish) Spanish translation site for LD1 is up, for anyone interested.¬† I quite like what I did read (my Spanish reading skills are so rusty), so if you’re interested, give it a look!

Luchino Part 3 update

Random news: LD1 bad egg+ is … most likely coming out this year – likelier than other years, at least.¬† Also, LD1 Vita has been out for a month¬†(click for view of cover art).¬† It’s essentially the first game (no bad egg+) with new CGs and no NSFW.¬† …Honestly, I have no idea how they wrote around that, but they managed it.¬† Judging from how they just used old and new CGs together, that’s probably what they’re doing with bad egg+.¬† Finally, the stage play went live and it appears to be very good, from what I’ve heard.¬† For obvious reasons, I can’t see it myself, though.¬† Their Twitter’s been rather active, so click for a look at the poster.

Sorry for the delay, and the curtness.¬† I think more than anything, working affects not time (…OK, it affects that a lot, too) but energy.¬† Or, perhaps that’s the caffeine crash.¬† Or maybe Gian’s energy just eclipses mine, pff.

Thanks everyone, for being patient!¬† And I hope you still are interested in Luchino’s route, haha.¬† Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Bernardo route complete!

Well, it’s been 3? long years since I started Bernardo’s route, and the nigh unthinkable has happened.

I finished it.


Have a Happy Birthday to Gian (I FINALLY made one of those damn anniversaries / birthdays) and have a happy ending with Bernardo.  All you loyal fans deserve it.  Thanks so much for reading so far.

One more route to go~

(I also need to post some stuff on Bad Egg+, what with all the info coming out…)

(Also, there have been some problems with WordPress formatting lately.  All the portraits in this update will be consistent in size, but larger than they were in previous chapters.  Sorry in advance if it looks bad ._.)

Contest update

I almost feel guilty.  I feel like we kinda broke the Cool-B contest XD

Or rather, ¬†I’m sure it’s not JUST because of the English speaking community that Lucky Dog 1 is demolishing everything in the Cool-B contest, but it sure feels like that, haha. ¬†And for that, thank you so much for voting!

Basically, the Cool-B contest released interim results in their latest Vol. 68, whose images are shown below, and Lucky Dog 1 tops almost every category!  I was really happy, but also note the points that Lucky Dog 1 has compared to the other categories.  Good job, everyone ;D

The contest ends August 3rd, and the results will be¬†posted in Vol. 70. ¬†Until then, let’s spread the word and keep it up! ¬†And if you haven’t voted yet, please consider voting! ¬†The instructions are in the previous post below.

To celebrate this, and the recent 7th anniversary (on June 10), a good friend Sprinkles put together a nice image.  Thank you, Sprinkles!

Contest results:

1465219341073     1465219611191

In general, Lucky Dog 1 is first, and Taishou Mebiusline is second, and a Nitro+Chiral game is third. ¬†(I’m really excited for Taishou Mebiusline, too. ¬†That’s a more recent favorite of mine, though I felt some of the story points lacked some … polish? ¬†Oomph? ¬†Punch?)

(Unofficial) 7th Anniversary Poster:



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