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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 4

On the Road


Giulio: …Nobody seems … to be in pursuit.

Giulio, who seems to have been turned back the whole time, reports this back to us.

I look back, too.  Not a single car’s chasing us.

With this much distance on them, we could easily slip into the woods and hide out if pursuers do come.

It’ll be good, even if they’ve got a pair of binoculars on hand.  Though, to be honest, they could just keep a sharp eye on their surroundings and find all the signs.

Gian: Whoo!  Looks like things’re going well, eh?  Doncha think?

Bernardo: I wonder what the uproar in the prison is like at the moment?

Gian: Best not think ‘bout that!  …Hm…?

Ivan’s been keeping quiet for a while, but I notice him pawing through the dashboard like a cat burglar.  Looks like he picked the lock.

Gian: Ivan, anything good in there?
Ivan: Chocolate!!

Ivan pulls out a brand new chocolate bar from inside the dashboard.  The warden’s munchies, hm?

Immediately, Luchino sticks out his hand in front of Ivan, palm up.  0.2 seconds later, I follow suit.

Ivan: What’s with the hands?
Luchino: Chocolate.  Give.
Gian: Same.
Ivan: What…?
Bernardo: Split it into five, Ivan!
Ivan: Tsk … fine.

Ivan breaks up the chocolate bar and gives each of us each a piece.  The sizes of our pieces seem to be very different, though…  Oh well.

Ivan: Fuck, this chocolate is good…  Have they always tasted like this?  Mm…

I stick my piece into my mouth in one bite, too.  The sweetness seeps into me, mingling with the comfort of the wind and the sight of the impossibly wide sky you can’t find within prison walls.

Luchino: Is there anything else?
Ivan: A flask!!

Ivan unscrews the cap.  I thought he was going to take a whiff, but instead he sticks it straight to his mouth.

Ivan: Pwah!  It’s whiskey.
Bernardo: Give it here!

From Bernardo in the driver’s seat, to Giulio behind him.  Then to me, and Luchino.  We each take a gulp from the flask and pass it around.

Ivan reluctantly closes the flask shut, which is much lighter now than before.

Gian: Is that tobacco I see in there?
Ivan: Yeah, two boxes.
Bernardo: I don’t want any.

Bernardo says this immediately because he’s already taken a glance at the brand.

Luchino: Then, split it for the four of us.
Ivan: …Fine.

It’s a bit surprising to see Ivan obey someone so readily.  Well, he is the youngest and the lowest in rank.  That’s if you ignore me, who’s basically dangling in limbo.

After the smokes’ve been split up, Luchino leisurely lights a match and takes a drag.

Gian: Luchino, don’t toss the butts out.  It’d suck if that were the reason they find out which way we went.

Of course, we’ve left quite a solid trail behind us in the form of tire tracks, but butts can’t be washed away by the rain…

Gian: Ivan, anything else?
Ivan: A cheap-ass watch.  A pencil and … a pencil sharpener.  I guess that’s kinda like a knife?

He takes a single glance at the blade before immediately tossing it back to Giulio.  Giulio takes it without looking like he doesn’t give a damn.

Well, maybe we can use it as a shaving razor?

Luchino: What are those documents?
Ivan: Just useless shit … oh!  There’s a map here!  And a compass!
Bernardo: Is it of this area?
Gian: Open it.
Ivan: Don’t you order me around, shithead.

Even as he says this, Ivan spreads the map open.

Bernardo, who’s driving, keeps his eyes ahead, but Ivan and the three of us in the backseat peer at the map.

It’s of the southern, inland portion of the state.  Madison Penitentiary is there in a corner.

Giulio: Currently, we are … located in this area, correct?

Daivan’s not on the map, but I can figure out its general location and connecting roads from it.

Bernardo: Once you’ve decided on a route, give me directions.
Gian: Just keep on going straight down this road.

After telling Bernardo that, I give the other three a lowdown of what’s on my mind as I use my finger to trace the map.

Gian: Even if we head directly down to Suncreek at this speed, it’ll be … at least half a day before we get there.  No way in hell we can cut through a city in a car like this, so that’s out.
Gian: Which is why we’ll be heading north and making a big circle.

I point to the belt of forest on the top of the map.  There’s an entrance to the foothills that we can see ahead of us, to the right.

Gian: ‘sides, look at what we’re wearing.  Let’s give up on any main roads for now.  We’ll have to get our hands on clothes, food, water, and some more gas somehow…
Ivan: How’d you get back to Daivan all those times you escaped in the past?
Gian: I’d lay low somewhere near the joint and have someone pick me up, or, if I can grab some clothes and disguise myself, I could even hitch a ride on the train from the station.  Things’re much more flexible when I’ve only got myself to take care of.

It’s the first time I’ve had to work with five people.  Plus, everyone beside me’s a capo.

…No, I’m a capo now, too.

Sigh … if things’d gone well, I’d be toasting a glass of champagne in celebration of my rise to boss right about now, maybe…?  The original promise had only said that I needed to break them out, right?

Buuut, I do understand their feelings of anxiety at not being able to secure a ride back to Daivan.

Mmm … yeah, now that I think about it…  Even if I yell, “I’m the boss now!” nothing good’ll come of it…  Yep, let’s abandon this train of thought.  No more of this.

Think of it as a grace period before I become boss.  If I can build up a good relationship with the other captains, then things’ll be perfect once we get back to Daivan.  Yup.

Luchino: So, what do we do?

…Sigh, let’s leave all such speculations aside.  Shoo!  Shoo!

Gian: Hiding ourselves’ll take everything we’ve got.  Bernardo, keep an eye on the tank and head towards those woods.
Bernardo: Got it.
Ivan: Let’s see … how many miles is it from here to Daivan?

Ivan runs his fingers like an inchworm along the map to calculate the distance.

Giulio: It … seems like there are more paths … through the forest than we had thought.

I nod to Giulio, who’s looking at the map while resting his chin on his hand.  If there’s this many roads marked on the map, then there should be even more unmarked paths that are walkable.

Gian: It’ll be a piece of cake getting away from a hunting party if one comes after us …

Although, I don’t think there’ll be any hunting party after us tonight.

There’s only a few cars in the area  in the first place.  We’ve been running through country hickville for a while now without spotting a single vehicle passing by.  Plus, we’d destroyed the sheriff’s car on the way already.

On the other hand, if reinforcements come from outside and the general public’s alerted by radio and newspaper, then tomorrow’ll be hell…

I wonder if a car’ll come from the opposite direction?  Then we could raid it and grab what we need…

Luchino: Let’s head into one of the towns tomorrow.

Luchino’s finger’s pointing to a dot on the map.  Queen Quarter…  Looks like a small village.

Luchino: We’ll be cutting through the forest and heading north, right?  A place like this looks like it’ll have fewer forces than a town.  At most, they’ll probably have a single sheriff.
Ivan: But, what about Bowick Village?  It’s closer to the woods.
Gian: …Either way, we’ll have to get some real clothes first.

These stripes are a flashing neon sign yelling “Fugitive!”

Gian: Say, Ivan, the Chief hide some cash in there?
Ivan: Huh?  Oh, here’s some change.

He pulls a few coins from inside the dashboard.

Gian: Don’t think that’ll cover gas or clothes.
Ivan: Can’t we just lift ‘em?  ‘sides, isn’t the whole problem solved if we just threaten or BS our way to a phone?
Ivan: We can get our crew in Daivan to pick us up while we lay low in the mountains…
Gian: If only things were that perfect.  Let’s save the talk for tomorrow, though…

When I mutter these words, everyone quiets for some reason.

An uncomfortable silence follows.

Bernardo: …

…Crap.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been thrown around on this dirt road for quite a while now, but the high tension from last night seems to have been put on hold.

Now that we’ve settled today’s and tomorrow’s destinations, things’ll go smoother, too.

After all … peaceful fields all around us, and no pursuers spotted yet either.  At this rate, anyone would feel like the whole thing’s just a relaxing road trip.

Gian: Hey suckers, keep yourselves together!

I call out in a loud voice.

Gian: Watch out, ‘K?  Yesterday was an all-nighter after all.  There’s still a bit of adrenaline left in us, but just a little longer and you’ll suddenly feel like catching some z’s.
Gian: That usually happens after you break out…
Luchino: Is this advice from a highly experienced veteran jailbird?
Gian: Yeah.  Humans are pretty simple creatures.  It’s like backlash.  One second you’re fine and the next, you’re all ‘Sleeeeep!!’
Giulio: People do feel exhausted … after an adrenaline high…
Gian: We’ll be taking a nap after we get the car into the woods.  Best if we leave it ’til after we secure the water and shelter, too, though.
Luchino: Water…  Now that you mention it, I am thirsty.

As though he’d just noticed this, Luchino rubs his throat with his hand.

Gian: Give it some time, and you’ll start getting hungry, too.  Plus, anything you stick in your mouth’ll be yummy.  If you don’t trust me, I’ll bet with you on that.

The chocolate was delicious, too.

Gian: People can go without food for two days and be fine so long as they’ve got water.  I’ve never tried it before since I’ve always had food, though.
Luchino: Hmm…  Any other advice from the great experienced one?  You get sleepy, hungry … and?

At Luchino’s words, I suddenly give a vulgar smirk.

Gian: After you eat and sleep, and piss and shit…  About the only thing left is … you get really horny.
Bernardo: You mean, as in, sex?
Gian: Bingo.  Even a decrepit old lady’ll look mighty sexy.
Luchino: Aah … I see…

Luchino says this in a weird voice.  He seems to have remembered the grandma we’d passed a while ago.  Apparently he finds her sexy.

Gian: It’s the whole release from tension thing…  Never mind breaking out.  Almost everyone’s like that after being discharged from jail.  It’s the taste of freedom and all that jazz.
Bernardo: …It is rather exhilarating…

Bernardo whispers this, his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel.

Driving pulls out the aggression in people.  Plus, there’s the oppression from being locked up getting lifted off your back all at once.

Even someone as cool-headed as Bernardo will do something crazy like before.

Giulio: Not a single car has passed this whole time.

We make small talk when I suddenly notice the forest we’re supposed to be camping out for the night has crawled awfully close.

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