Lucky Dog 1 translations 04 Luchino Route 04

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 04

Restful Night

We all leave the car behind and head over to the mountain hut that Giulio’d spotted.  We also gathered edible-looking stuff like fruits and tubers.


By the time the sun’s below the horizon, we’ve already reached the hut.

We wash our hands and face with the hand-pumped well behind the house and also quench our thirst to our heart’s desire.  I feel refreshed.  Now we won’t have to worry about drinking water anymore…


Now that we’re in a better mood, we scour through the small house.

There’s no furniture, just an empty house.  Doesn’t feel like anyone’s visited in a long time.  Spider webs all over the place.

Still, there’s some broken down mini-machetes in the corner, along with some men’s clothing that stink of mold.

There’s some smoking equipment and woodchips, too, but they’re of no use to us now.

The place looks like a hut that was used on-off by a hunter, or at least someone interested in hunting.  And it looks like it’s currently off-season.

Luchino: …Is there anything else?
Giulio: There is a flashlight hidden by the wooden beam.
Gian: Whoohoo, it’s our lucky day!  It still have some juice left?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any food stores, but we can still make a dinner out of the boon of the mountain we’d been collecting.  We had some chocolate in the morning, too, so we’ll just have to bear with what we’ve got.

We set night shifts and decide to keep watch the entire night…


After the truly miserable entree of mountain taters, we separate and do whatever we want near the cabin until tomorrow morning rolls by.

A half-moon hangs in the night sky.  It’s light enough so I can walk without tripping, but there’s nothing to do right now other than rest up.

To catch up on lost sleep, everyone other than the current watch is sprawled out over the cabin floor.

Even without a fire, the inside of the hut isn’t cold.  There’s nothing to sleep on, but, oddly enough, it feels better than the cell.

I hear the sound of bodies stirring continuously.

I can only turn restlessly as well.  Even though sleepiness had been running rampant all day, no one’s nodding off straight away, probably because of anxiety.

The door opens quietly and the first watch, Bernardo, enters.

Bernardo: …Giulio, you’re next.

Giulio: Understood.

Has that much time passed already…?  Perhaps the thought flits across everyone else’s mind, too, because when Bernardo lies down on the floor, it’s quieter in the hut than before.

View this scene if Ivan Affection < 5 and if Bernardo Affection < 3.

Now that it’s quiet, the rustling of the trees outside is unexpectedly loud. There’s a slight breeze blowing outside.


gianescape107 Gian: …Ngh…

I lay curled on my side, still in the dark as my eyes slowly got used to the lack of light

Curious if I can hear Giulio’s footsteps, I reach out with my ears, but it’s a no-go.

I should get to sleep soon…

I can hear Luchino’s breaths steadying down into sleep from the corner on the other side of the hut. It’s not a deep sleep, though. Wonder if he’s just faking it.

Bernardo had just laid down earlier. I can’t really hear his breathing, so I can’t tell if he’s awake or asleep. I say he’s still up.

Mm, and the one all the way on the other end … ‘s been rustling about and making a ruckus for a while now…

Ivan, the doofus, keeps shifting around.

The hell is he doing? Pipe down over there! I start getting annoyed. Naturally, all the nerves in my ear concentrate on Ivan.

I hear steady stirring.

…It’s not long before I figure out the reason behind the slowly accelerating sound of something rubbing another.

Ivan: …Haa… Nn…

Give me a break…

Ivan: Gh … Haa…

There’s no mistaking that tone of someone trying to muffle their voice.

Ivan the bastard… He’s jerking off.

In the darkness, I pull my lips back and bare my teeth with displeasure before I realize it.

…I get what it’s like – both the horniness and the relief from getting out of jail. I mean, I’ve got a lot dammed up, too. I even explained all this earlier in the day. But…

…if you’re gonna do it, do it so no one notices!!

Ivan: …Ah … ngh… Gh…

I don’t want to know when others are making merry with themselves… I shut my eyes tight and stick my fingers in my ears to pass the time.

After a while, I pull my fingers out. He’s probably done by now.

…But, oh unlucky of unlucky, I do it just as he’s climaxing.

Ivan: Mgh…! Haaaghaa…!! …Haa…

Some groaning, and I hear the sound of rustling around as he finishes the job. And then I feel Ivan stop moving…

‘Finish up and get to sleep already,’ I snap and curse in my mind.

Ivan: …Ghaaa… Ghuaaaao…

…And now snoring?! Is it your hobby wreaking havoc on other’s shuteye time?!

God, you won’t punish me if I strangle him, will you?!

As I silently count the number of vile curses my mind can conjure, I drift off at some point in time.

It was an awful lullaby to send me off to sleep…


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