Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Bernardo Route 06

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Letting Go

This chapter is not safe for work!!

If highest Affection is with Bernardo and have viewed Bernardo pre-H Flag, then view this scene, -5 Luck.  If have not viewed Bernardo pre-H Flag, move on to character with next most affection.

By the time we reach the cabin, it’s already deep into the night.

Senses on high alert, we check to make sure that the hut hasn’t changed since we’d left it in the morning and that the car’s still safe.

We can’t have the gas evaporating, so we quickly pour it into the car.  The fuel gauge climbs.  That’s one less thing to worry about.

We’re already full, so all that’s left is sleep.  The round trip to and from Bowick Village, on top of everything else, has left us tired, so we decide against having as strict a night watch as yesterday.

The people after us are all gathered around Suncreek, so there’s no point worrying.


I hold in a sigh in the darkness.

…Why, you ask…?  Why, because Bernardo’s arm is slipped around me from behind … holding me tight as a snuggle blankie once again.

If Ivan or Luchino wake up, they’ll notice, you know?!  What’re you gonna do if Giulio outside comes back in?

Even if I want to sigh, I can’t.  Bernardo…  His emotion’s on a seesaw.  Is it the stress?

bernescape205 Bernardo: …Hnhn…

The chuckling sigh makes me curl in on myself.  Something like that flittering past my ear tickles, jeez!  Just fall asleep already, like you did yesterday!

bernescape201 Bernardo: Ivan’s actually asleep today, it seems…

Speaking of, that bastard was the absolute worst yesterday…  I remember, and a long sigh filters through in agreement.

…Even so, I was also … you know.  That.  Um … turned on … by someone else’s body heat.  Bernardo’d gone to sleep before that, though, so he probably didn’t notice.

gianescape112 Gian: You should get to sleep soon, too…

The warmth from the body snug against mine feels good, but at the same time his hold’s constricting me tight, making me anxious.

Plus, it’s like he’s trying to find a comfortable position.  The placement of his arms around me keeps changing.

gianescape213 Gian: Hey?  Bern—

Just as I’m about to twist around a bit irritably, I notice a change in his body.

What’s hitting my back around the back … through the cloth … is his…

It’s fucking getting bigger.  It’s the same thing that happened to my own body yesterday, but there’s no way I’m comfortable with this.

gianescape311 Gian: Bernardo, wh—

…Huh?  He’s pushing against me?

I take a big step back and reassess the situation.  Bernardo’s hand’s groping around my body.

Just as I’m thinking, ‘What the hell kind of joke is this?’ my pants have slid down past my hips.  …Hey?!

I-I’ve known him for a long time, but I never heard even once that he swings this way!!

gianescape219 Gian: Hey…!

The nose buried in the nape of my neck shifts like he’s sniffing me.

bernescape206 Bernardo: Sorry…  My switch was flipped.

The whisper comes low, and strangely sexy.  Unconsciously, I shudder.

‘What switch?’ I want to ask, but instead I hold my breath tight to hide the shivers running down my body.

bernescape217 Bernardo: Be sure to keep quiet, all right…?  The others will wake up.

If I make a big ruckus, he’d probably let me go.  But, when I think about the others seeing us like this in this situation…  I can’t gather up my full strength.

bernescape218 Bernardo: I won’t hurt you.

I try fighting back as silently as possible, but after just a few tens of seconds, I realize it’s futile.


Gian: …!  You idiot…

The relief I feel when I realize he’s not planning on sticking it up my ass is short-lived.

Bernardo’s dick’s scissored between my hips.  This is what they call a hotdog, right…?  Just what are you doing?  Bernardo?!


Slowly, so there’s no sounds of the sliding, Bernardo’s penis slides against my hips.

Gian: Be—!  …Stop it already!

Bernardo: …That’s an impossible request.


The place where he’s rubbing against me slips upwards, and something hot hits my balls.  Bernardo’s tip.  What … is going on…?  I’m getting dizzy.


Gian: Get away…  Gh…!


The sensations assaulting me are treacherous, causing me to dig my nails into the hand slung around my chest.

How can you do this like nothing’s wrong when you can hear the other’s sleeping breaths just over there?!  Hey!  Don’t play with other’s chests with your free hand!  I can’t keep my voice down like this!


Bernardo: Soon … OK?  Just put up with me … a little longer.

The suppressed whisper isn’t different from usual – just a little bit heated.  His voice … gentle and relaxed as always…  It feels like he’s trying to play this off, which just pisses me off really badly.


Bernardo: It’s all right…

Bernardo probably knows just how risky this situation is.  I can tell he’s concentrating his attention on the breaths of the two sleeping away from us and on the door.

Gian: …  Nh…


It’s getting slipperier between my legs as Bernardo’s rod strains with a throb.  …The heat, the hardness … it’s actually working.

The stickiness I can feel spread out between my hips and this whole bizarre situation is fanning my excitement.

In the dark, Bernardo’s tip appears and disappears from between my legs.  And on top of that, sometimes, it hits my junk as well.

For a while now, I’ve been hard…

And Bernardo notices that I’m hard.  I’m not even trying to hide it.  Sometimes, Bernardo’s dick moves like he’s trying to rub it against mine.

Bernardo: Sorry, but, you’re excited, too, aren’t you…?

His mouth moves up against my ear with the whisper.


All right, already, so just be quiet.  Someone’ll hear.  And besides, I can feel the heat in my ears.


Keeping my breaths quiet is taking up everything I’ve got.

Gian: …Stupid … dipshit…

Bernardo’s fingers pinch my nipples, and I can feel it when he rubs them back and forth.  I don’t know if you’re trying to do me a favor or not, but that feels good so just freaking stop…!


Clank.  A small noise on the other side of the cabin makes my heart jump a mile a minute.


…It’s OK.  The others’ breaths haven’t cut off.  They’re still sleeping.  The cabin door’s still shut, and there’s no one at the window.  Even so, my heart’s racing.

Bernardo: Close your legs together tight…

I clamp my hand over my mouth as I follow Bernardo’s orders.

The speed of Bernardo’s hips moves up.  The hot, hard cylinder of flesh near my groin grows even larger as it thrusts back and forth.

Come on.  Finish!  As I feel my pleasure flaring up, I pray for Bernardo to hurry up and climax.  In other words, I just want to be done with this predicament.


Bernardo: …!  …Ah…


I can feel the bathump bathump of his pulse.  I can even feel all too well through the skin of my ass that Bernardo’s thick shaft’s leaking cum like a hose.

The sticky, hot cum’s spreading across my groin…  It’s, of course, the first time I’ve ever had anyone else’s semen there.

Gian: …!  …Haa…

In the confusion and excitement, even if I hadn’t cummed I’m heaving my breaths.  Thank god I’d clamped my mouth shut beforehand.  I somehow managed to hide the noise.

Most of the thick, viscous, sticky cum’s stuck to my buttocks.  Some of it spills out and stains the floor.  I idly wonder how to hide the evidence in my blank mind…

bg00     bg39

I take the cloth Bernardo’d handed me and quickly wipe away the semen from between my legs.

I pull up my pants and toss the dirty cloth back to Bernardo.  In the meantime, I elbow him in the gut.

bernescape401 Bernardo: …!  …Hey…!

I leave Bernardo, who sounds like he’s in pain, behind and leave the cabin…

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    Oh my god.. O///O That is so I…It’s…mppfff KYYAAAAAHH!!!! HAVING FANGIRL SEIZURE!! Thank you so so much for this!! Feeling like a pervert~*snaps fingers*Feeling great! :3



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