Lucky Dog 1 translations 05 Bernardo Route 07

Part 2: Escape

Chapter 5

Finishing the Job

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Though it’s gotten a bit softer, it’s still hard as ever, so my walk’s kinda funny.  Shit…  That damn Bernardo…  Putting me in such an embarrassing situation…


I spot Giulio heading over.  He probably couldn’t sleep and took a walk or something.


I chase Giulio away from afar, telling him to not follow no matter what ‘cause I’m going to take a shit.

I’ve gotta wash away the gumminess still in my crotch at the well.  Sigh, before or after that, I’ve … gotta jerk myself off once…

With a pathetic gait, I loop around over to the back of the hut.

Even with the ice cold well water, my swelling doesn’t go down.  It’s already past the point where I can think make it go limp with random thoughts.  I’ve gotta let it go.

gianescape407 Gian: Why’ve I … gotta deal with this…?

I want to rant about this just once, but no way is this something I can tell anyone about.

Feeling all shameful, I reach down towards myself…


Bernardo: …Ah.  So this is where you went, Gian.

The fuck?!

The sight of Bernardo standing in the shadows of the cabin startles my breath away for an instant.


bernescape208 Bernardo: What’s this?  You’re still hard…
gianescape319 Gian: And who’s flipping fault is that?!
bernescape101 Bernardo: When you put it that way, you’re right.  What’s with that strange expression?
gianescape320 Gian: It’s ‘cause you—!  Who wouldn’t be thrown off by something like that happening out of nowhere?!


A grin appears on Bernardo’s face as he approaches me.

Bernardo: I see.  I suppose I have no choice but to take responsibility, do I?


Bernardo licks his left hand’s middle and index finger.  Before I know just what’s going on…



Gian: Hey…?!

There’s not a trace of hesitation in Bernardo’s movements.  Like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.  Everything’s strange, like it’s fake, as my legs are spread wide open like a frog’s.

Bernardo: I’ll draw yours out, too.


Gian: The hell you mean by ‘dra—’

Bernardo: Make sure to relax.

Bernardo’s finger touch down, down as far as they can go, between my ass.  Wet.  …So that’s why he licked up his fingers.


With a pop, his fingers enter.  I shudder, goosebumps rising from my skin.

Gian: Gh!  Hey … you’re … seriously…?

Bernardo: I will make you come soon.

Bernardo’s right hand grabs my twitching penis.  His other hand’s middle finger wriggles inside me.


Gian: St—!  You!  Leggo!  Ungh!


Having a finger teasing me inside, and having my dick stroked at the same time…  Both are new to me.


Gian: …!  Gh, I can’t.  Move!  Stop this…!  Agh!

Bernardo: Relax and leave your body to the sensations.  It will feel better.

I can feel my saliva growing thicker.  I don’t want to acknowledge it, but I’m getting excited.  Like the reaction I’d been holding my breath against back in the hut, my lungs start heaving air in and out.

My ass, which Bernardo’s dick had been sliding against before, spasms.

Along with the feeling of complete foreignness, a different sort of warmth from the ecstasy originating from my dick spreads from the finger invading my body.

This unknown sensation spreads.  I feel like I’m being used as a toy.


Gian: Why … are you … doing this…?!  Uwah, agh!  Egh!

This uncontrollable pleasure also seems to have driven the final nail into any self-respect I have.

Bernardo: …Aren’t you happy?  I’d intended for this to be atonement, but … if it’s just hurting you, then I’ll stop.


Jerk.  It doesn’t hurt.  But, I’m feeling way too much resistance in accepting this.

Bernardo:  Look.  Doesn’t it feel good around your tip?  Are you going to come soon?  You’re shaking…

Gian: Ee!  Ah, pull ou—!  There!  Haa…!


Gian: Aah!  Ah, I’m cumming…!  Ah!  Ungh…!!


My voice rings high and my hips jut forward.  The semen spurts out, arching into the air.

bg0     bernscene10

The climax that’d been teased out of two spots tires me out something awful.  No matter how long I take, I can’t calm my breathing down, and my chest heaves up and down with each gasp.

Bernardo: …That’s quite a lot.

He shows me the hand stained with cum.  I look away.

Gian: Don’t show me…  Idiot.

It’s been a long time that someone’s taken me in hand, and it’s the first time someone’s touched me there, and this one-sided playing’s shocked me senseless.

I’ve never touched his dick before.  It’s like I’m just being toyed with.

I’d thought this kind of thing would never happen between me and Bernardo…

I’d joked with him – stuck by him and got close to him – but there should’ve been an invisible wall between us.  And, especially, on Bernardo’s side.

Jeez.  This is no way to cross the wall!

Can I just shove this into the ‘Bad joke, nothing more’ category?  I can’t tell.

‘I want to put a lock and chain on this memory so I can act like nothing’s happened in front of the others’ were my thoughts…


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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lehst
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 10:27:20

    D8 why do you do this, my long-time friend? If you want to be a dork and cuddle, fine whatever. But what brought this on!?!? I don’t care if we just broke out of prison… Don’t just use your friends like that~!

    lol that’s kind of what I thought if I was in Gian’s shoes. Now that I think about it more… this kind of situation happened to me! I had a good friend that decided she liked dating girls. She got really popular, and had a lot of girlfriends. They all flirted with her when we hung out. I kind of prided myself on the fact she and I weren’t like that, we had been friends a long time. But one day she was being silly and gave everyone a flirtatious hug- including me! I was like =_= urk… “that had no effect.”

    I’ll be over here, hiding behind some semblance of the (former?) wall between Gian and Bernardo~!



  2. Ageha
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 21:01:13

    [His other hand’s middle fingers wriggles inside me.]<– finger



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