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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 6

Surprise Attack


Morning’s here.

Giulio: …Good morning.

The five of us take turns washing our faces at the well out back.  The cold water wakes me up straight away.

…But for some reason, I still feel sluggish.  I’m still tired.  I rub at my brow, practically pinching it.

Gian: Mrgh…

Ivan: Hey, Bernardo, when exactly are they coming to pick us up?

Bernardo: At ten, near the north forest entrance.

The ground around us is sopping wet from the water we’re splashing everywhere, combined with the dew on the grass.  It looks slippery, so gotta be careful.

Gian: We should get moving before it gets too brighuwaagh!

…And just when I think that, I slip and my feet fall out from under me!

As I splay out onto the ground, I knock into Bernardo in front of me.  At about the same time, a crack bursts through the air.

Something rips through the air, right through where Bernardo and my head were just a moment earlier…  Splinters snap off a branch, tracing a ragged outline the bullet left behind.

Doesn’t take a second to grasp the situation.  I quickly grab Bernardo around the side and pull him to the ground.

Luchino: Get down!  It’s a gun!
Bernardo: An attack?
Gian: Split up!

Our yells blend together and mix with the second round of gunshots, which go off at about the same time as our voices.

I roll along the ground and duck my neck in close, but I’m not hurt anywhere…  He missed!

I don’t even have time to check on the others before I half pick myself up once I’m in the shrubbery.  Quickly, I leap to the side.

Leaves dance upwards, scattered into the air by lead piercing through the bushes.

The trees here are all slim.  Not the place to hide yourself.  Still, I try to sink myself into the shadows as much as I can while running forward.

I hear something but see no one.  Doesn’t matter.  Gotta run!

Peace and quiet overtakes the forest after the sudden clamor.  The birds that’d been quietly chirping before have disappeared.  I dash away, alone, in the silence.


…I stop and stand, but it looks like no one’s chasing me.  Who’s their target?

I take a big detour and approach the lodge from the front.

I hear a voice I don’t recognize.  I take a deep breath and watch them from the shadows of the building.

Our shooter shows himself, standing by the well.

It’s a guy in blackish everyday clothes.  Impatiently hefting his gun, he turns his stiff expression and gun muzzle this way and that around him.

Man: …Give it up and come out!  …Hey, Benpar!  Get back here!  Where are you?

I squint and look around, but I see no sign of anyone else.  …It looks like everyone else made it to the woods fine.

Benpar…  That would be the name of his friend?

Gian: He looks about ready to piss his pants…  He new at this?

I pick up a random pebble off the ground and toss it past the guy.  He reacts, quickly turning the gun away towards the sound.  Now’s my chance…

I’d planned on tackling him down from behind, but before I can move, Luchino bursts out from his hiding spot beside the man.


Luchino: Take this!!

He goes for the blind spot, a sweeping roundhouse kick.  Luchino’s long leg bores into the man’s stomach.

Man: Ugah…!

Belatedly, I also attack.  I step on his arm.  He lets out a pig-like squeal from the ground as he lets go of the gun, which I kick far, far away.

Bernardo comes out of the shadows, which he’d hidden in like I’d thought, and holds the guy down, spreading him sprawl-eagled.

Bernardo: Don’t move.  …Are you injured?

Bernardo looks at us worriedly.

Luchino: We’re good!  Where are Ivan and Giulio?

Gian: No idea.  From the sounds of it, there’s another one out there.

I hear footsteps to my right and I turn.  It’s Ivan.  He timidly leaves the bushes he was hiding in and looks down at our attacker.

Ivan: Bastard’s got some nerve for jumping us…  Where’s he from?

Bernardo: No idea.  Don’t let your guard down.  There seems to be another.

In the distance, there’s the sound of scuffling, and a scream…  Is that Giulio?!

Man: …Run, Benpar!  Let go … gah!

Luchino picks up the piece I kicked away and points it straight at the man’s head, shushing him.

Luchino: Forget there’s still bullets left here?
Bernardo: Is Giulio all right?  Someone go check.  …You.  What is the meaning of this?  Who ordered you here?

Man: Ugh…

The rustle of bushes being parted.  Luchino quickly points the gun at the noise.

Giulio: …My apologies.  I killed him.

Giulio appears with a bloody knife dangling from his hand.  He’s soaked in dark red up to his wrist.

Gian: You OK?  Was there another guy?
Giulio: Yes.
Bernardo: Did you finish him off?

Nodding, Giulio approaches.  It looks like he killed the other in a 1 vs. 1 without getting a single scratch.

Man: …Shit!  You killed him?!

The man Bernardo’s holding down wails with a twisted face.

Judging from the level of shock, the other was a good friend of his.

Giulio leans forward and places the knife straight across the man’s throat.  He stops struggling.

Bernardo: We need information from him first.  Be patient.
Giulio: …Understood…

The scent of blood first thing in the morning…  …What a wonderful wake-up call.

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