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Part 2: Escape

Chapter 6

Toes and Fingers



I catch sight of what looks like Luchino’s exasperated expression, his eyes half-lidded.

That’s probably contempt right there. At the same time, knowing that he’ll make the man spill every last secret right here, right now, I also feel a little like he’d betrayed my expectations,.


I feel something strange at Luchino’s cold ruthlessness, a mixture with both fear and trust.

luchiescape401 Luchino: If what you hurl up’s vomit and nothing more, then don’t mind us looking into it.  You talk, you’re going to talk as honest as possible, got it?

Ignoring the hesitating man, Bernardo squats down and pulls off the man’s socks.  The shoes came off first.

bernescape201 Bernardo: We’ll break the toes at the joints, starting from his left pinky toe and working him over, one by one.

Bernardo sounds like he’s talking about the weather as he reaches for the man’s left pinky toe…

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Man: St—  Agyaaaah!!

The toe, pinched between his fingers, sits on his palm, and then it snaps at an impossible angle.

I manage to erase the man’s shriek halfway through, but unsettling sound of the snapping bone stays in my ears…  It’s not a good feeling.

luchiescape104 Luchino: Quit making such a commotion.  Keep it up and I’ll find some trash to jam up that hole.
bernescape219 Bernardo: Then he won’t be able to talk.

The man’s teeth grit tight in agony, his tears flowing freely.  Luchino’s foot digs into his gut.

bernescape220 Bernardo: …Shall we move on to number two?

Man: Wait!  I’ll talk!  Please…!

Mercilessly, Bernardo breaks the next toe.  Aah … just looking hurts.  It looks painful…

Man: I-I … said … I’d talk!

bernescape302 Bernardo: Who are you with?  Who ordered you here?

Man: I-I…

luchiescape310 Luchino: Time for the third, Bernardo.

bg0     bg45

Man: Gyaaaah!

The man practically passes out from the pain before screaming, spit flying and all,

Man: Grave Diggers!  It’s the Grave Diggers!!  …Stop!  Please!!  I’ll talk…!!


Luchino: Oh?  So you’re a GD…  Hehe, guess there’s no need to hold back then.

At Luchino’s emotionless words, the man starts frothing.

Man: I don’t know a thing…!  My boss!  Eins!  Said the CR:5 captains’d be laying low here!  Said to bring your balls back over the phone!

Man: He said it’s a small hut near Bowick village!  …That’s how we had a rough idea where…!


Bernardo: Eins…  It’s not a name I know.  Did you come here all the way from Daivan by car?

Man: No!  I’m from the sticks!  Queen Quarter!

No wonder he doesn’t look snappy.  Yeah, he doesn’t look like someone from the city.


gianescape207 Gian: Then, you drove here from Queen Quarter by car.  So, where’re you parked now?

Just keeping quiet and watching was bumming me out, so I also questioned him.

Man: Y-You’re…

The man catches sight of me and says in a pathetic voice.  He probably thought that I might sympathize with him.

Man: C’mon, please…  Stop them…  I’m just a lackey.  I don’t know a thing…


Luchino: You just need to answer our questions straight.  You’re not very quick, are you?  That’s why you weren’t heading anywhere in life.


Bernardo moves for the next toe.

bernescape302 Bernardo: …If you haven’t spilled by the time your toes and fingers are done … your reward for your endurance will be your knees.  And then your elbows.
gianescape105 Gian: I guess last comes the neck?

Disheartened inside, I mutter this as I notice vapor wafting up from the man’s crotch.  Siiigh, he’s gone and wet himself…  It stinks.

luchiescape301 Luchino: Come on, moving on.  We haven’t heard your name yet, have we?


After that, we try every last question we can think of to draw out the information, but it ended up requiring two more toes.


There wasn’t really anything for me to do there, so a few minutes before the thirty-minute time limit, I call it quits early and leave the hut.


Luchino and Bernardo step through the door.  Just on time.  Everyone’s gathered out front now.

Ivan: You end up whacking him?
Bernardo: No, we left him on the ground unconscious.  We broke all his fingers and all his toes on one foot.

Giulio: Did you check every corner of his body?

Luchino: Huh?

Giulio: The body outside…  There are burns on the inside of his arm, from removing his tattoo.

He says it deadpan, but everyone knows he’s talking about the CR:5 tattoo you get when you’re made.

Bernardo and Luchino’s faces twist, as though they’d caught sight of something particularly repulsive.  The two immediately head back into the cabin and drag the mess of a man out.

We forcefully wake him by slapping him on the face.  He doesn’t really struggle, probably because he’s got no idea what’s going on.

I help Luchino strip the guy.  …I find a burn, still unhealed, on his thigh.

Gian: …Found it.  This, right?

If they both have one, then it’s no coincidence…

Luchino: This really does … look like our mark…

Bernardo: Former, you mean.  Filthy traitors.

Once you’re acknowledged by the family, you can’t ever leave, just like how you can’t make blood ties disappear into thin air.

About the only way you can leave voluntarily is if you get really sick.  Burning the tattoo off to hide it is equivalent to declaring that you’ve abandoned the family.

Luchino: So this was why I thought he looked familiar.  Hey, anyone know this guy?  Whose crew is he?

However, none of us can say we know anything about the two hitmen.

Bernardo: They acted like they recognized us…
Gian: But it doesn’t look like they knew about me…
Ivan: Hey, you … where’re you from?!  Spit it out!

Don’t know if the guy’s half-unconscious, but he says nothing.  He just whispers something under his breath.

Maybe he’s not a formal made man?  Sometimes there are stupid idiots, associates and followers, who just think it’s cool to get a tattoo.

Gian: Hey, speak up.  We can’t hear you.

Man: …Help … me…

Luchino: Was the name you gave us fake, too?  Was it a lie that you’re a GD hoodlum?  Not like it really matters at this point, though.

Man: ‘s real…  Please … home…  Please…

I feel vaguely sorry for this guy.  He doesn’t get what’s in store for him at all.

Gian: You stupid idiot…  You just had to go and get a tattoo…

In the name of Omertà, you can’t shame the family.  They spoil me a bit, but even I know where to draw the line.

Luchino digs his fingers into the remnants of the man’s tattoo, rubbing it back and forth.

Luchino: By the code…

Bernardo: …Traitors are put to death.

Man: …Stop, please.  My wife’s pregnant.  The baby’s still inside her.  I’m a father.  If I don’t support them, they’ll…

Luchino: Don’t worry.  She’ll find herself another man in a heartbeat.

Sighing at the sight of the thug struggling with all his might and begging for his life, Luchino hands the pistol over to me.

…Telling me to kill him?  I feel a faint disgust at the weight of the gun.

Gian: …Me?
Luchino: It’s one of the duties of a capo.  You need the experience.

Man: …Help me!  Please…!!



I rest the muzzle of the gun against the begging man.

I sigh … and pull the trigger.

A slight resistance in my finger.  Then the gunshot.  And then, the recoil.

Gian: …See ya.

Blood leaks out from the burnt hole in his forehead.  I point the piece down towards the ground as I stare at the dead man.


Without a word, Giulio approaches him and puts a hand on his head.

He starts separating the guy’s ear off from the base up top.

Gian: Giulio!  What the hell’re you doing?!

The others don’t say a thing.

Giulio: …I am removing his ear.

Bernardo: A gruesome death awaits turncoats … but this one died a fairly easy death.
Luchino: We can’t take our time here.  Just make it one ear, Giulio.

Just then … I don’t mean to … but I see…

I notice that, as he’s working, Giulio’s got a tent.  His eyes are unusually bright.  …He’s turned on.

I can’t watch anymore and turn away.  The other three all turn a blind eye.

After slicing off one ear, he reaches to start on the other one, but Bernardo grabs him by the shoulder and stops him.

Giulio: …But…

Bernardo: Giulio, leave it at that.  Once we get back to Daivan, you can play all you like.

Giulio: …With the GD?

Bernardo: Yeah.

Giulio beams.  A joyful smile.  He flicks the ear, sending speckles of blood flying, and sticks it into his pocket before standing.

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