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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7


Cavalli: As I believe you already know, currently the family is in conflict with the gang, the Grave Diggers.
Cavalli: The balance of power was already delicate in the first place, but after you were all convicted and left the city, they rushed in, as though they’d been aiming for this opportunity.

Ivan: Shit…!  Hey, Bernardo.  It’s your job to negotiate with the GD, right?  What do you have to say about this?

It’s obvious from Ivan’s tone that he’s trying to aim for the vitals with his words.

Bernardo: The fact that the GD would break the cease-fire agreement is unexpected.  Not being able to foresee this possibility is my responsibility.

Ivan: Stop talking like this’s got nothing to do with you!  Who knows…  You might actually be in cahoots with the GD and just pretending to be loyal to us, hmm?!

Bernardo: Of all the stupid…

Unwavering, Ivan pursues the topic despite Bernardo’s stern expression.

Ivan: You forget the whole incident with our ride out of jail?  Didn’t your driver pull a no-show?  Hmm?

Luchino: That’s a separate issue.

Ivan: No, it’s completely the same issue.  You could say the first time was just a coincidence, but what would you call those guys who showed up and attacked us at the cabin, huh?!

Cavalli: Not so loud, you fool!

Ivan: You’re just gonna let his blunders slide?  You’re not gonna do that, right, Counselor?!

Cavalli: Alessandro also assisted in the planning of the escape.  I judge that this line of questioning should be brought before the Boss.

Ivan: Urk…

Ivan hesitates on his next line and falls silent.  As Luchino recrosses his legs, he irritably places his coffee cup down onto the saucer.

Luchino: And … just where is the Boss now?  We should start from there.

Giulio: You have been unable to contact the Boss as well, correct, Consigliere?

The first thing we did upon returning to Daivan was try to get in touch with the Boss … but, who’d have thought the Boss had vanished without a trace.

Cavalli: Yes, we are not in a favorable situation.  At this rate, Alessandro will have to be presumed missing…

Simultaneously, a small sigh runs through all of us.

Ivan: When did you lose contact with the Boss?

Cavalli: The last time we talked was one week ago, over the phone.  He’d mentioned his next safe house at the time, but he has yet to appear there.
Gian: He’d stopped showing up in front of others even before then, though.
Cavalli: Correct.  He changed his safe house approximately every day.  After you were all arrested at once, the GD has been attacking us again and again.

I can’t believe that even the Boss was forced to keep on the move…  More than ever before, it hits me that the CR:5’s influence in Daivan has plummeted.

Luchino: If he’s hidden himself away, then that’s one thing … but what about the possibility of him being captured by the police or GD?

Ivan: No way it’s the cops.  They couldn’t keep the newspapers quiet if they tried.

Luchino: Then what’s the possibility that it’s the GD?

Luchino’s words are directed at Ivan and Bernardo.

Bernardo: If something reaches me, I’ll pass it on.  I still don’t have any information either.

Ivan: Who knows if that’s for real?

Bernardo: Would you like me to take an oath, to prove that I am not lying?  I’ll do it if you do the same.

Ivan: …No need to go that far.

Ivan just doesn’t want to make the vow himself…  If you make an oath in front of others in the family and then break it, it’s counted the same as a betrayal, and punished accordingly.

Cavalli: In short, we still do not know where Alessandro is.

It looks like we’re stuck in this rut.  No one’s been able to get a hold of the Boss since around the time we escaped from prison, and he’d been gone from his safe house even before that.

It’s no wonder Bernardo couldn’t reach the Boss on the phone in Bowick.

Bernardo turns towards me, since I’d been quiet for a while.  I don’t have anything to add, really, so I just tilt my head a bit in response.

Bernardo: …About the Boss’s situation … let’s wait a while longer for him to reach us.

Bernardo: If communication is still broken, then we may consider opening an investigation.  However, just because we’ve returned doesn’t mean we should start an open investigation on him immediately.  It would only harm us instead.

Cavalli: Are there any objections against Bernardo’s proposal?

No one opens their mouth, which means that Bernardo’s suggestion passes, I guess.

Cavalli: Then, each of you shall contact your most trusted subordinates and let them know about the lack of contact with the Boss.  If there is still no contact by next week, we will start an investigation into the matter, as an organization.

We all nod lightly to show our acknowledgement.

I’d been wondering what a family Administrative meeting would be like, but this is just like an ordinary conference.

…Hm, there is something I’d been wanting to ask.  I raise a hand, gathering everyone’s attention.

Cavalli: What is it, Giancarlo?
Gian: Hey, so, what about the whole me being boss deal?

With those words, the others exchange strangely serious glances.  …Whoa, things don’t look so good here.

Ivan: Soooo, the Boss isn’t here, riiight?  Meaning, you can’t go through the formal ritual, riiight?

Stupid Ivan.  Don’t sound so happy about it!

Luchino: True…  We’ll have to put that on hold until we can find the Boss.

Gian: Hm?  But … wait, what?  Hm?  Originally, the deal was, I break all the captains out and bring ‘em back safely, and I get to be boss … right?

Should I’ve made a bigger deal about this during our escape?

Bernardo: …We didn’t think that the Boss would be missing.

Gian: Well, yeah, I mean, it’s true the orders didn’t say what to do in such an extreme situation, but…

Ivan: Hmmm?  Orders?  What orders would you be talking about?

What the fuck?!  I glare at Ivan, but…

Giulio: I remember the contents of Boss Alessandro’s letter…

Giulio: They are just as Signor Gian stated earlier.  I, Giulio di Bondone, swear to this.

Giulio stands and even goes so far as to make an oath.  I’m surprised at my unexpected ally, but then…

Bernardo: I swear this as well.  Now that Gian has completed the Boss’s orders, he’s the next boss.

Luchino: I swear this as well.  There’s no question about it.

…Luchino stands following Bernardo.

Luchino: Without Gian, we wouldn’t be here right now.  He has fulfilled the Boss’s orders.  Now it’s our turn to fulfill our promise on making Gian boss.

Seeing the other three take my side, Ivan wavers.

Ivan: Wha?  …I … uh…

Gramps strikes the floor with his cane with a clunk.

Cavalli: Before things get out of hand, I will make a declaration.

As he says those words, the three standing take a seat.  I panic and open my mouth.

Gian: Wait a sec, Gramps…!
Cavalli: The next boss of the CR:5 is Giancarlo!  In the event of Alessandro’s return, you will immediately undergo a formal ritual and be announced publicly.
Gian: Whoo!
Cavalli: Until Alessandro safely returns, Giancarlo, you will dedicate yourself to improving the current situation as a capo.  That is all.

Now that it’s been formally declared, I feel in my bones the words getting set in stone.  But, I still have something to point out.

Gian: Question! What do we do if the Boss doesn’t return safely?
Cavalli: …It would be overeager to do anything before we are absolutely certain.  If Alessandro is deceased or we have determined that he cannot appear before others due to circumstances…
Cavalli: …then, as a substitute, we will undergo the succession ritual with the Administration and Commission present…

The other captains silently give their agreement.

Gian: …Got it.

Somehow I feel like the whole thing just got postponed again…    Well, if I can get official authorization from the Administration, then it’s not a bad option.

Ivan unhappily crosses his arms with a huff.

Luchino: More importantly, we should talk about what we should do about Daivan’s current situation.  It’s not every day we all show up and gather in one place.

‘More importantly?’  …Luchino, that hurt.  Am I that below you?

Cavalli: Capos, if you have any future plans of action or information regarding the current situation, please state them now.

Bernardo is the first to speak up.

Bernardo: I will meet with the executives of GD as soon as possible.  We should reach some sort of conclusion next week…

Cavalli: Don’t forget they’re the ones who broke the truce.  Don’t think for a moment that it was by accident.

Bernardo: Of course.

Luchino: Is it possible for you to push it up?  Perhaps by this week?

Bernardo: There’s some work to be done with the courts and the mayor as well.  If I don’t prioritize those, then it’s straight back to lockup for us.

Cavalli: The judge who convicted you gave himself away.  He’d accepted a bit of small change from the gangs.  Why don’t you also take good care of a few of the jurors?

Bernardo: I’m also in the process of taking care of that.  If things go well, the arrest warrants will be as good as scraps.

Bernardo told us last night that he was gonna start working on somehow erasing the “fugitives” statement off our criminal records.

Giulio: ‘In the process’…?  Then, how long will it take before we can go outside?

Bernardo: Just tomorrow.  If you get tangled up with the GD, deal with them however you like.  It’s proper payback.

Giulio nods happily.  Sensing a forecast of bloody rain, I unconsciously shift my shoulders.

Luchino: I’ll put some pressure on the city police.  They were crooked from the very beginning anyways.  They won’t make a peep if we march down the streets with arms waving.

Seeing Luchino’s fearless attitude, I realize just how much Daivan is CR:5’s city.

Gian: Huh, but … what if you get mixed up with some cops who won’t lend an ear?

Luchino: Then you punch them and run.  It’d be bothersome if we have to pick you up from the station afterwards.  Also, don’t forget that killing uniforms nets you nothing but trouble…

Giulio: …Understood.

But still, I don’t think anyone would recognize us off the bat even if we marched out into the city.

I looked at our mugshots on the paper, and, I don’t know if it’s because of our posed expressions or what, but all of us were like, “Who the hell is this?”

Even if the guys at Bowick’d seen this, they wouldn’t have realized who we were.  It was just that bad.

Gian: Oh, right.  City police is great and all, but what about those ‘investigation bureau’ people, the BOI?  What’ll we do if they decide to chew some fat here?

Bernardo: That won’t be a problem.  The BOI currently have their hands full with internal conflicts, so they won’t have the time to bother with us.  In addition, the relations between the police and the bureau of investigation are, simply put, bad here…

Bernardo laughs and slaps the luxurious sofa he’s sitting on.

Bernardo: If they do come to Daivan, they’ll never get around to questioning people.  They wouldn’t even be allowed to enter this hotel.  It’s even questionable whether they’ll manage to scrape together the necessary travel expenses.

Cavalli:  Have you checked on the condition of your rackets?

Luchino: Several portions of mine have been taken over by outsiders … but I can regain them easily.  My crew did a good job.

Luchino: Haha, there were even some soldiers making interesting expressions when they saw us return so quickly.

Luchino waves his hand indifferently, which makes Gramps huff.

Cavalli: Beat them blue!  Maybe that will instill some notion of hierarchy into them.

Luchino: Of course.  It was a good workout.

Cavalli: Bernardo, how are things going with you?

The first thing we’d heard once we got into Daivan was that Bernardo’s trusted men had been killed.

On top of that, his favored driver was missing.

In other words, every single communication Bernardo’d made after breaking out was either intercepted or ‘d gone straight to the enemy.

Bernardo: I am in a painful situation, but I will make it somehow, thanks to everyone in the family lending a hand while we were locked away.

Bernardo: Consigliere, please give them my thanks.  Usually, I’d go myself, but…

Cavalli: It’s all right.  They all had so much free time, they didn’t know what to do with it.  One’s skills never leave, even after so much time, so putting them to use in damage control is just perfect.
Cavalli: They raised quite a clamor today, saying they wanted to see you all, but I managed to shoo them away by telling them I alone was enough.

At those words, I remember the faces of all the old grampas.  I only know them by face.  I don’t even get along well with them.  I suppose it’s a good thing they’re all up and about, though.

Judging from Gramps’ attitude, it feels like he’s fussing over Bernardo a little, but things under Bernardo are just that bad…

Plus, now that the Boss is missing, Bernardo’s the head captain, the top rank in the family.

Ivan: Fuck, we’re completely off topic.  Bernardo, about that betrayal thing…

Cavalli: Oh right!  Ivan, I have a message from Vespucci.  ‘I’ve sold the tequila to someone else.  Don’t indulge too much.’

Vespucci’s the name of the ex-captain who’d named Ivan his successor.  I’d heard he had a bad heart, but it looks like he’s still up and hopping.

Oh?  Now that I look at him, Ivan’s gotten a little pale.

Gian: What’s this about tequila, Ivan?

Ivan: I-It’s nothing!

Panic’s written all over his face.  Did some sneaky plan of his get uncovered?

Gian: Hmm?

Ivan gives a very purposeful cough, and quickly changes topics.

Ivan: Ahem …The report on my racket.  Right.  I just took a quick peek, but it looks like there’s nothing off with the cargo.  I’m going to check up on the girls next.

Ivan: Things’ve slacked off ‘cause everything’s a mess … but I’ll whip them back into shape.

Cavalli: How?

Ivan: I’m gonna pop up and show my face, starting today.  That’ll give ‘em a fright.  Me up and about is the best motivator for them.

…I see.

Cavalli: It’s true that showing the capos are healthy will have certain effect.  It will also serve to conceal Alessandro’s absence.

Luchino: I’ll also have to show my face around the stores, and at the church, too.  I’ll give them a whopping donation while I’m at it…  That’s right, it’s been a while since we’ve set up a free lunch, hasn’t it?

That would have quite the appeal.  We’ve got a long, tight connection with them, and the GD wouldn’t be able to pull off something like that either.

Bernardo: We’re counting on you, Luchino.  I’ll have my hands full negotiating and making various arrangements…

So Bernardo’s gonna handle some negotiations, and Luchino and Ivan are each gonna tighten up their territory.

Giulio: I … will take a walk around the areas the GD have damaged.

Haha … Giulio walking around is a show of force in and of itself.

Bernardo: Don’t kill too much.  We’re still at the mercy of public opinion.

Giulio: …Understood.

The stuffy atmosphere in the room’s lightened up a little since we started.

It’s because we can now see our goal, regaining control of Daivan.

Not knowing what to do is the worst.

If the CR:5 loses connection with Daivan, we’re nothing.

Perhaps noticing the change in atmosphere, Gramps draws the conference to a conclusion.

Cavalli: As such, we will push back the announcement of Alessandro’s absence to next week, and, until then, each of you will deal with your situations and do your best to regain control of the city…  Are these actions an acceptable direction?

Five silent nods.

Cavalli: After you’re done dealing with the problems, give the order to your men.

At this point, Gramps looks like he’s remembered something.

Cavalli: …Ah, and also, give off small hints here and there that Gian’s the next boss while you’re at it.  The youths will probably find some motivation from this.

I’m just an aside again?  Bah, whatever.

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