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Part 3: Daivan

Chapter 7

Future Arrangements

Ivan: Hey!  Hold it there, just a sec.  …Gian, what the hell’re you gonna do?

Gian: Huh?

Ivan points straight at me.

Ivan: As a captain!  You were the one all harping about what to do in this fucked up situation!

My eyes suddenly come down with a spell of wanderlust before they anchor on Luchino’s.

I pour my all into my eyes, begging as he looks on in utter amusement.

…Please, please, pretty please?

Luchino: Hm? ………

‘Notice me, notice me!’ I pray. That’s when Luchino raises a hand, stopping Ivan’s flapping trap dead in its tracks.

Luchino: Say, if Gian’s hands are free, mind lending him to me?

Gian: They’re free! They’re free!

Thank goodness Luchino had spoken up.

Luchino: I’m gonna run you to the ground, and make you cram on the job while we’re at it.

Cavalli: Will you two be working together?

As he dug his hand into his hairline, Luchino grit out his response.

Luchino: I’ll take responsibility for the education of our future Boss. I’ll make sure to put him through the wringer.

Cavalli: Work him to your heart’s content!

Urk… But, I do think that Luchino will be a good sidekick for learning about the unknown underbelly of Daivan.

Ivan: …Making some sucker boss just ‘cause he’s got good luck’s wrong.
Bernardo: It’s better than choosing someone who hasn’t a speck of luck.
Giulio: Signor Gian is … an amazing person.

Luchino ignores Ivan’s whining, his eyes on me as he snickers at my expression.

Rubs me the wrong way, but there’s nothing to say at this point.

From now on, I’ve got to show my stuff – pop out real results that stand up against real scrutiny…

…if I want to actually make it to the CR:5 Boss’s seat.

Cavalli: …Mm.  Looks like Gian’s plan of action has been settled.  Now then, it’s about time I get some rest.

Consigliere Cavalli stands.  As we make to follow him, he holds up a hand to stop us.

Cavalli: There’s a room here that I’m familiar with.  I will stay there for tonight.

Bernardo:  Understood.  Thank you, Consgliere.  Have a restful night…

With those words, Bernardo’s eyes fly wide open, as though something’s struck him.  This expression suddenly infects Luchino as well.


Luchino: That’s right…  What are we going to do about our sleeping arrangements?

Gian: Mm, huh…

Giulio: The entire top floor … has been reserved, but…

Ivan: …Hm?  Huh?  …Huh?!

Ivan ticks something off on his fingers.

Ivan: …Hey, don’t tell me … we’re … short on rooms…

Bernardo: If I remember correctly, the top floor has…

Luchino: There’s one room being used as an office.  That’s Bernardo’s work room…  After that, there are three guestrooms…

Bernardo: …and the main room, which has two beds.

Ivan: Wha…?  Four rooms?!  That means…

Giulio: Two people … will be rooming together.

Move to route of character whose affection you have most of.

…Now then.  Room arrangements.  Somehow or another, I get the feeling some poor, unfortunate soul will be stuck rooming with the greenhorn (that’s me) in the double.

I hope it’s not someone naggy…

Bernardo: I’ll likely be holed up in the work room the whole time, so my room would only be a place to rest my eyes. I don’t care where I sleep. Is anyone fine with rooming with me?
Ivan: …Hah, no fucking way in hell I‘m gonna room with some schmuk. I already left my bags in the guest room over, so I’m just gonna use that one.
Giulio: I … do not have any preferences…

…Ummm, based on the way the conversation’s going … I’ll be rooming with Bernardo? He doesn’t seem like he nags a lot.

It’s then…

With a whoosh, Luchino plays the height card and looks down over everyone.

Luchino: All right. Then I guess Gian and I will be staying in the main room.


Luchino: Gian, move your things in. Keep it tidy. Anything out of line is getting thrown out with the garbage.

Gian: Wh-What?! W-Wait, who decided this?!

He’s just deciding everything and ordering us around without even checking “Yes? No?” first?! Not to mention … he’s the naggiest of them all!

Luchino: Gian, weren’t you the one who declared you’d be sticking close? Weren’t you going to learn the ins and outs of my job?
Gian: Gh… I … did say that, but…
Luchino: Then what’s the problem? Men shouldn’t grouse so. It’s unseemly.
Luchino: My job’s pretty tough, you know? …Well, if you’re lacking the confidence, now’s the time to throw in the towel. I’m sure the others will be much gentler than me.

Damn him, he’s busting my balls! And baiting me! I see red. And I … take the bait – hook, line, sinker.

Gian: Getting treated all gentle-like by a macho man like you gives me the creeps. …There’s two beds in that room, right? In that case, I could room with a gorilla for all I care.

Luchino: Heh…

An inscrutable grin appears on Luchino’s face before he turns away as though to say, “Talk’s over,” and leaves.

On the way, he catches one of the pretty boys in suits – probably one of his men – and fires off some orders in Italian. The fella takes his friends and scampers away.


The door to the main room shuts behind Luchino … leaving me in a daze with everyone’s eyes on me, feeling like a scolded brat standing bewildered in the middle of a hallway.

Ivan: Hmph. What a waste of time. I’m headin’ back to my room now.

Giulio: Signor Gian, if there is any trouble … please call me.

Everyone stands from their seats and leave for their rooms. Bernardo, the last one left, clasps his fingers together with a sigh.

Bernardo: How do I put this…? Luchino could be said to be a very egocentric person … or perhaps, a person who marches to his own drumbeat.

Bernardo: Although, he is good at taking care of those under his wing. And he has an extensive racket. He’s loyal. Plus, he has a lot of trust from our Italian supporters and civilians.

Bernardo: I know you’ll benefit from being with Luchino, Gian … I think.

Bernardo stands and leaves. I… Am I being a drama queen if I say this feels like being homesick for a nonexistent homeland.

That’s … kinda how I feel…

Gian: Damn that Manehead…

I get up grousing as much as I damn well please. Loosening my tie, I cross the lounge towards the looming door marking the entrance to the main bedroom.

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