Baccano! translations

I know I won’t be getting here for some time, but I’ll feel more comfortable putting this site up first.

As a light novel, this will be a straight-up translation.  I’m still debating whether to put the pictures online.  (I’d have to find them first).

Narita Ryougo uses strange spacing in his writing (basically, sometimes his words are splotched all across the page), so I’ll try to emulate that here, but don’t hold your breath.  It’s especially hard because everyone’s web browser settings are different.

Baccano! is basically a bunch of  “short” stories with the same characters in the same universe.  For example, the Flying Pussyfoot incident is not directly connected with the events in Drugs & Dominoes.  The stories are generally spread over three different time periods: the 1700s, the 1930s, and around 2000.

The series is still continuing.

Below are a list of all the novels.

Baccano! is also an anime.  A really good one with a unique presentation.  It covers events from the first three arcs (the first four novels) in 13 episodes.  3 more episodes were released with the DVDs that covered another novel.  The anime is mostly faithful to the novels, although some events in one of the novels were cut down due to interest of time (and because they were relatively unrelated to the included arcs).

It has also been released as a 2-volume manga that center around the Flying Pussyfoot incident.

The novels will be listed below in the order they were released (which is not chronological order).  You can tell which came first, though, by the year listed in their name.



In 1710, a group of alchemists were on a ship bound for America.  Little did they know that one of their experiments during this journey would summon the Devil.  The Devil granted them the Elixir of Immortality — anyone who drank of this elixir would never die, not of old age nor by injuries.  The only way to kill one is for one immortal to place his right hand upon another’s head and “eat” him.  Trapped in the middle of the ocean, many of the alchemists died at the hands of one of their former colleague.  Come 1930, and one of these alchemists lived in relative safety within one of the mafia families in Manhattan, NY.  However, soon events will soon come that bring about the end of old troubles and herald a new beginning for all immortals.

Disclaimer:  Narita Ryougo (成田良悟) wrote the books, and Enami Katsumi (エナミ カツミ) illustrated them.  I translated the books and (maybe) scanned the images.  I also own the books (and the anime, but that’s beside the point).


  • Story
  • Characters
  • Locations
  • Timeline

Novel List:

  • The Rolling Bootlegs
  • 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad – Local
  • 1931 The Grand Punk Railroad – Express
  • 1932 Drug & The Dominoes
  • 2001 Children of the Bottle
  • 1933 The Slash ~ Cloudy to Rainy ~ (1)
  • 1933 The Slash ~ Bloody to Fair~ (2)
  • 1934 Alice in Jails – Imprisoned
  • 1934 Alice in Jails – Corruption
  • 1934 Peter Pan in Chains – Conclusion
  • 1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra
  • 2002 (A Side) Bullet Garden
  • 2002 (B Side) Blood Sabbath
  • 1931 Another Junk Railroad – Special Express
  • 1710 Crack Flag
  • 1932 Summer – man in the killer
  • 1711 – Whitesmile
  • 1935-A – Deep Marble
  • 1935-B – Doctor Feelgreed
  • 1931 Winter – The Time of the Oasis
  • 1935-C – The Grateful Bet

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  1. Aleise
    Oct 13, 2014 @ 18:30:21

    Ah, concerning the illustrator, it was actually illustrated by Katsumi Enami I believe.



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