Lucky Dog 1 translations 01-01

Part 0

Chapter 1

A Slow Day

Gian: Yaaaaaaaawn … Time to get up… Ugh.

In time with the buzzer, I lift myself off the sheet-thin mattress.  I rub my eyes and let off a great yawn.

Gian: …’m starving.

Morning at the joint, same as always.  It’s the start of a brand new day.

Beyond the bars appears a very familiar guard.

Joshua: Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte!
Gian: Hey.
Joshua: Now that I’ve seen your face, I can breathe easy for the day.

Casually chatting away, Joshua unlocks the bars for me now that he’s checked I’m here.  I can’t step out until the roll-call’s all done and over with for the entire row, though.

Gian: ‘Breathe easy?’  Am I such a soothing presence?
Joshua: Stupid, I’m just happy you hadn’t disappeared over the course of the night.

I’ve already managed to break out of Madison Penitentiary, where I’m locked in right now, a total of four times so far.

Joshua: The next time you break out, the warden will probably turn as beet-red as that brand spanking new Alfa Romeo of his.
Gian: Oh? Brooks went and got himself a new car?  This I wanna see.
Joshua: You’ll see it when you get out.  …It’s probably pointless to say this, but please don’t try anything funny and just stay put for another half-year.

‘If I feel like it,’ I answer in my mind as I see Joshua off with a wave.

A little while passes before I hear the buzzer signaling the end of roll-call.

I can do whatever the hell I want until the noon roll-call.

So … shall I take a nap?  Or should I grab breakfast first…

Gian: Hm?

I catch the eyes of the person in the cell across from mine, Ivan Fiore.

I pretend I don’t notice and quickly look away.

I fake messing with my collar.  The tattoo on my left collarbone comes into view…  Ivan has the same “CR:5” tattooed across his right arm.

Ivan: Hey!  Did I say you could ignore me?

Gian: …Nn…Yaaaaaaaaaaawn…  Aaah…

Then I make a show of stretching and covering it up with a yawn.

Ivan: Bastard, you’re doing that on purpose.  Don’t you know you’ve gotta greet your seniors in the morning?  What kind of wiseguy are you, huh?

It’s true that he’s the all-mighty CR:5 capo here, and I’m just a regular ol’ soldato.  It’s part of the code to show your respect.

Still, yelling something so sensitively delicate out loud is kinda…

Ivan: So?  Where’s my greeting?

Born in Daivan to immigrants and dropping quickly out of the respectable business world, I’m practically meant to be one of the CR:5.

No question about it, family is something important to me.  Massive.

…But there’s no way I can see myself groveling on the floor in front of this guy and calling him zio, not when he’s younger than me.  Plus, he’s relatively new to the family.  Only made capo last year.

I try to ignore him every chance I get.  He’s really, really loud.

Gian: Ugh, he’s making my ears ring something awful…

Ivan: What’re you mumbling there, Gian?  Today’s gonna finally be the day I teach you a lesson, is that it?

I let my eyes wander some more.  We’d only met a few times in Daivan before.  Besides, he’s the one who usually ignored me!

I can’t believe he made captain when I wasn’t looking…

I never expected him to get tossed into the cell across from mine.  Teasing him is fun, but having him plod all over my mellow, carefree prison life is a problem…

Though my ears are already filled to the brim with noise, the sound of someone’s footsteps reaches them.  Standing beyond the bars, I see…

Bernardo: Gian, let’s head down to breakfast.

Gian: Bernardo?  What’re you doing here?  Weren’t you down on the first floor?

No way he could’ve sprinted all the way up here so quickly.  It’s too far.

Bernardo: Last night, I moved into the room two cells down.  Hope you don’t mind.
Gian: Whoa, I was asleep so I didn’t notice…  Why’d you change rooms again?
Bernardo: Let’s just say I thought it’d be nice to be close to you.

…He’d bought someone or used his connections.  No question.

Gian: Oh dear!  You wanted to be by my side so badly, Darling?
Bernardo: I was worried that you were cheating on me, Honey.

As we go about the usual, I hear a cough from behind me.

Ivan: …Hey, I’ll … uh … head down to breakfast.  See ya, Bernardo.

With a rigid expression still plastered all over his face, Ivan scuttles off to the cafeteria.  The guy can’t take a joke.  No, wait…  Perhaps he gets it after all…?

Ivan can’t go against Bernardo.  There’s a hierarchy among the captains in the CR:5.  All of them are under the Boss, and senior captains are treated higher in rank than the newer ones.

Yup, Bernardo’s a capo too, and currently number two at that.  Ivan’s number five, so he’s dirt-last.

…But, regardless, according to the laws there can only be five capos.  Since Ivan’s actually managed to squeeze into their ranks, he’s honestly waaay higher in the food chain than me.

Bernardo: Tsk, Ivan… Is he still picking fights with you?
Gian: Mm, he’s unusually persistent, but maybe that just means he’s interested in me?

We jabber on as we head off to the cafeteria.

Bernardo: You’re the favorite of the Counselor, and not to mention of the Boss as well.  Newcomers like him just can’t help but feel threatened by you.

If you look at it that way, I suppose it’s true.

I’ve always been on casual terms with the number two, Bernardo, but that’s only because we happened to know each other from before he’d become a captain.

…Well, even so, we’ve only known each other less than ten years, but still.

When Bernardo’d been promoted to captain, he’d said to me, “You don’t have to change how you address me.”  He’s been nice to me since, too.  That … was when I was seventeen…  So, eight years ago?

Gian: But it’s not like the Boss is showing me favoritism or anything.  He’s just making me do all this crazy shit.  You’d never expect him to be so mean and petty.

Boss Alessandro’s face appears in my mind.  He’s always telling me to do the most impossible things, and it’s always with a straight face.  The damn dandy “gentleman” is actually a pretty hateful old man.

Bernardo: But the elders treat you nicely, no?
Gian: Being buddy-buddy with the Counselor and his pals doesn’t get me much, though.  At most, maybe a fine glass of wine every now and then?
Gian: It’s just that I’ve always been good with old timers.
Bernardo: The Boss is still in his 40s.  Give him a few years and he’ll mellow out as well.
Gian: Wonder what the Boss’s up to now?  He OK?

The last time I’d seen the Boss was when I’d returned to Daivan from my last breakout … which means three months have passed?

After that, I’d been arrested immediately and thrown back here.

The whole Capo Arresting Spree thing happened while I was still behind these walls, so I’m really behind on what’s going on inside the family.

Bernardo: Mm … it looks like there’s trouble brewing.  All us capos are absent, all at once, so there’s the question of control.  The hostiles are also starting to show activity.
Gian: In other words, a huge fucking crisis?
Bernardo: Don’t put it like it doesn’t concern you.  You’re one of us too.
Gian: Never mind me, I’m just a lowly wiseguy.  The question is, how the hell did all you captains get tossed into the slammer at once?
Bernardo: Usually, it’d be a simple matter to hush such an incident up, but…

With an unhappy twist to his lips, Bernardo sighs sullenly.

I suddenly remember the rumors of something insidious going on behind the scenes.

Bernardo: I’ll take this opportunity to smoke the cockroaches out…

Huh.  Whatever it is, it’s got nothing to do with me.

The prisoners swarm in and out of the cafeteria in small herds for their breakfast.  Bernardo and I move around the neatly lined tables into the middle of all the commotion.

Sitting there is a tall, broad-shouldered lady-killer, listlessly chewing his chow and sticking out like a sore thumb.

Bernardo raises his hand slightly and catches the man’s attention.

Bernardo: Hey, Luchino.  How are you feeling?

Luchino: Nowhere near lovely.  Is there still no new information?

This man, Luchino, is the third capo in the CR:5.

I know I shouldn’t be talking, but he’s got quite an attitude when talking to Bernardo, who’s above him in rank.  Well, technically they’re equals, but still…

Oh, and by the way, I’m too low for him to even worth noting.  Not that I have a problem with that, though.

We’ve bumped shoulders outside these walls several times in the past, but even then he’d always been proud … or, shall we say, a complete arrogant snoot.

Bernardo: New information?  Let’s see…  Oh, it seems that Giulio’s sentence has finally been settled and he’s coming here.  I have an appointment with my lawyer in the afternoon, so I’ll give you an update after.
Luchino: All right.

Luchino returns to his food with a cool nod.  It’s just a tiny gesture, but the guy makes the world of it.

We continue on past him and, taking our breakfast trays, settle down some distance away from him.

Gian: Capo Giulio … as in, the guy with the knife?  He’s coming here?  That’ll make all the CR:5 capos gathered in one spot…
Bernardo: I wouldn’t say ‘all.’  We’re still missing sig. Cavalli.
Gian: Yeah, true.

Cavalli’s an old gramps who’s over seventy and the CR:5 top capo.  He’s also Bernardo’s superior.

If I remember right, he kind of looked after me in the past.  The Grampa’s actually managed to stay up on top despite being surrounded by captains all younger than his own kid.  I kind of like the old coot.

Bernardo: It’s a fortune among misfortunes that he’d avoided arrest as well.

Oh yeah, I’d heard it’d been a close call but somehow he’d managed to finagle his way through.

Gian: That’s the old badger for ya.  Still, all four of you, here…

Four out of five capos, all arrested and sentenced to the same prison…

Bernardo: It’s because this prison has the most security in this state.
Gian: Hello?  You forget you’ve got someone here who’s already broken out four times already?
Bernardo: And didn’t the security patch their holes thanks to that?

Sipping my soup, I nod.  It’s true I can’t use the same route twice…  Jailbreaking’s like a puzzle that gets harder every time.

Bernardo: It’s probably easier for the security to place all us conspicuous ones together.  …Speaking of which, have you met Giulio before?
Gian: Nope.  I think I might’ve passed by him in the Boss’s mansion once, so I’ve probably seen him.  I mean, what he does is completely out of my league.

Giulio’s about my age, but he’s been doing violent stuff like hits and raids since his teens.  He’d gotten famous and had risen to capo a few years ago thanks to that.

A fighter through and through.  I’ve heard rumors of him but never really met him.

Bernardo: Once he arrives, I’ll introduce you two.  He might be easier to get along with than Ivan.
Gian: Think so?  I hear he’s a pretty dangerous guy, so I’m fine with not being introduced…

Though we’re still in the middle of a conversation, Bernardo stands now that he’s done with his meal.

Bernardo: I’ll be going ahead.

Gian: Later, Bernardo.

He probably has to prepare for his chat with the lawyer.  Bernardo’s always busy with his outside contacts.

Despite appearances, he’s an old-fashioned Pete who puts the Mafia code and the Boss before everything else.  The family is everything.  Even within these walls, there’s no question he’s zealously fulfilling his duty as a capo of the CR:5.

…Unlike him, I have visitors practically never, and I ignore all my prisonly chores.  As a result, I’m free all day here.

Gian: Sigh, what a slow day.

I push my leftovers into a mushy pile.

With every captain minus one hitting the rough times a la prison, the existence of our CR:5 is in danger.

Of course, those in the underworld know this, but even the respectables’ve probably caught wind of it by now so long as they pick up a newspaper.

But, this’s got nothing to do with me.  I’m not even one of the top dogs!  Not a thing I can do ‘bout it!

In a sense, the world inside the walls is a peaceful, idyllic meadow.  It’s like soaking in a lukewarm bath.  At least, that’s what I’d believed.

I’d even believed that it’d be completely impossible for me to have any influence on the future existence of the CR:5, too…


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  1. Olga
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 12:30:15

    Hello and thank you for your effort to tranlate this game! Really thx!
    P.D: I found one mistake ^^ “Bernardo sighs sullenly” ^^ Isn’t it suddenly?



  2. Olga
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 14:54:49

    Ops >.< my bad. Gotta learn more vocabulary, lolz



  3. solyln
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 09:36:03

    Err… I’ve been curious for awhile but should the use of ‘capo’ be ‘captain’ instead? Capo is what they use when they to refer to the boss if I’m not wrong.



    • solyln
      Jul 08, 2013 @ 09:40:34

      Sry ignore me if I’m wrong… I can’t quite read the un-voiced text @_@



    • terracannon876
      Jul 08, 2013 @ 09:41:28

      Bwuh. I believe early on I was using “capo” as captain. In the caporegime wiki article (great source, yes I know), they state that “capo” is the shortened version of “caporegime” and can thus be used to mean what is essentially a captain. I believe the game also uses it early on this way.

      About halfway through the routes, “capo” is exclusively used to refer to the Boss, ie Alessandro (or maybe Gian). To differentiate between the two (and because I’m not going to go back and change everything yet), I’m capitalizing “Capo” every time it’s used to refer to “Boss.”

      Apparently … it can mean both…?



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