Lucky Dog 1 translations 01-02

Part 0

Chapter 1

The Letter

A few days later, Bernardo comes to see me.  He’s looking unusually grave.

Gian: Wha?  What was it you needed me for?  Come again?

Bernardo: Follow me.  Something important came up.

Gian: Man, but I was planning on grabbing a quick snack from the cafeteria…!

Bernardo’s eyes narrows coldly.

Behind those eyes lies an intense force, one that could bring grown men to their knees.  It’s an expression I’d seen from afar many times in the past, but this is my first time seeing it directed at me.

Bernardo: Capo’s orders.  By the code of Omertà, obey, Giancarlo.
Gian: …

I silently nod.  If it were with anyone else, I probably should’ve knelt to the ground and bowed, head to floor.

Bernardo: Let’s go.  They’re waiting, so we have to hurry.  They’re on the exercise grounds.

The rules of hierarchy.  You can’t go against any member higher in rank than you.  A very special punishment awaits those who flaunt this code.

This is the first time Bernardo’s ever pulled the Mafia code on me…


Three people had already arrived before us.

Ivan: You’re late, Gian.  Hurry and get your ass over here.

Ivan, from the cell across.  Is there a reason he’s looking unusually annoyed?

Luchino: Bernardo, has everyone been cleared out?  You should double-check.

Luchino skims over the grounds with his haughty gaze.

Bernardo: It’s fine.  They’re young, but they can keep watch.

Luchino: Hmph.  …

Luchino looks over me like he’s examining me.  It’s a sharp, unforgiving gaze, that makes me feel strangely unsettled.

…Standing next to Luchino’s the last person.  I recognize his face.

Giulio: …

Giulio di Bondone, the fourth capo of the CR:5.  He’s below Luchino in rank but above Ivan.

He looks pretty OK…  I’d heard he was a dangerous guy skilled at killing, killing, and more killing, but he looks nothing like the part.

Giulio: Oh…

Gian: Hm?  What, is there something on my face?

Giulio: …Nice to meet you.

He greets me with a slight bow.  Whoa, hey there, you’re the capo here!  This guy’s the complete opposite of Ivan!  I lightly return his gesture.

Bernardo: This is Gian, Giulio.

Giulio: …My name is Giulio di Bondone.  Um, what should I call you?

He sticks out his hand and, flustered, I shake it.

Gian: Nice t’meet ya.  Just go ahead and call me Gian.

Giulio: …Yes, Signor Gian.

Gian: Eh, no need to be so polite…

Letting go of Giulio’s hand, I scan our surroundings again.

The five of us are the only people on this small exercise ground.  They’d talked about “clearing out people” just now, so there’ll probably be no one coming to interrupt us.

Four guys only the blind could mistake for crumbs – and counting me, that’s five – and out of us, four are obviously Italian.  This is a sight you’d expect to see in the underground alleyways of Daivan, not here.

…No, on second thought, scratch that.  No way so many high-class guys (not counting me) would ever gather someplace by chance.

Bernardo: Now, we all know each other, correct?

He called me here just to introduce Giulio?  …Yeah, sure.

There are at least five other made members of CR:5 (in other words, guys with the tattoo somewhere on their bodies) in this joint besides me.  If you count our associates, then that’s several times more.

I can’t imagine why only I was brought here.  I feel like I’ve stumbled into the wrong place.

Luchino: Bernardo, lay it out for him.
Ivan: Tsk, what a load of shit.

Would someone please tell me what the hell is going on?

Bernardo: …Here, Gian.

Bernardo hands over a rectangular envelope to me.

I stare blankly at the red thing.  On the front’s my full name.  On the back, a wax seal.  Isn’t this … the Toscanini crest?

The wax seal’s printed with the crest that’s been used since the time of the first boss, back in Europe. It’s something that’s been passed down generation after generation, so it’s not pulled out for just anything.

Gian: …From Boss Alessandro…?

It’s the first time I’ve seen a letter addressed directly to me.  It’s the first time the Boss’s sent such a flashy letter – probably filled with orders – to me.

We’re talking about the Boss who’s always shoving me annoying jobs like “Get this message into the prison, and then scale the walls and bring the reply back!” … so what the hell’s this?

Giulio: …Please open it.  We … already know its content … from our own letters.

I hastily break the seal and pull out the sheets inside.

I open the stationery, and there…

“I acknowledge the promotion of Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte to the seat of caporegime in accordance to the recommendation from sig. Cavalli.”

Me?  A capo?

“I hereby give these orders to Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte: as the captain currently situated in the penitentiary, break out the other four captains imprisoned in the same institution and escape with them.

“In the event the escape succeeds, I, Alessandro del Salto, intend to abdicate my seat as head of the family to Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte.”


I look up and around.

No one’s laughing.

gianprison13 Gian: This … sounds like it’s saying I get Grampa Cavalli’s seat as capo, and if I manage to break everyone out, ‘Here’s the boss’s seat for you!’  That is right … right?

Nope, still no one laughing.

Giulio: Its contents match, then.  It is consistent to what is written in each of our own letters.

I drop my eyes to the bottom of the page again.  Not only is the Boss’s signature there, but also that of several directors.  Cavalli’s – the only captain who’s managed to avoid arrest – is there, too.

It’s custom for a capo to pick a successor from his crew when he retires.

I’m more or less like one of the family’s commando units, but Grampa Cavalli pretty much looked after me, so I’m more his than anyone else’s.  Still…

Gian: Me?  Captain?  Take everyone and fly the coop?  And if I succeed, I’m boss?

Luchino: That is the correct reading.

Gian: Th-The Boss isn’t off his rocker, is he?  Don’t you need the agreement of all the capos to set who’s gonna be the next boss in the CR:5?

There’s no underboss position below the boss in the CR: 5.  Instead, there are five capos.

You have to go through an Administration meeting for something as important as deciding the Boss’s successor, and you’d need the agreement of the Boss and all five captains, on top of the Counselor’s and the whole Board of Directors’…  Or at least, that’s how it’s supposed to run.

Ivan: Quit sounding like a broken record.  We’re just gonna go along with the Boss’s orders in this situation … even if we don’t want to.

Bernardo: The Boss’s orders are absolute.  If they’d been orders to destroy the organization, then we’d have cause to refuse, but this isn’t the case.

He looks so serious…

Luchino: Even now, the territorial borders within Daivan are being scratched out and rewritten.  Breaking out is a relatively reasonable plan.  We need to return to the city as soon as possible and regain our authority.

Giulio: I … shall obey the Boss’s orders.  And you … are the next boss.

They’ve said all they’ve got to say and are waiting for my answer.

Gian: …Whoa there…

Why the hell are you all agreeing unanimously to something this crazy?

I should be wagging my tail and crying for joy with something this good dropping out of nowhere … but instead, I tilt my head and raise my hand.

Gian: So if you guys are OK with this, it’s OK … right…?

It’s too good a chance to pass up.  I might become CR:5’s boss here!

Luchino claps his hands with a loud Pah!

Luchino: All right, any more of this is a waste of time.  Let’s move along, Bernardo.
Bernardo: Yes.  First, Gian, you have now been promoted from an ordinary soldato to capoCapo Cavalli wishes so, and the Boss has also given the go-ahead.  We here acknowledge this.
Giulio: Congratulations, Signor Gian.

And now I’m a capo…  Everything’s just flying by.  Doesn’t feel real at all.

I’d heard from Cavalli that he’d wanted to retire because he was “getting to that age,” but I’d thought that was just him blowing off some steam.  On top of that, who’d have thought he’d pick me?

Ivan: You’re still the lowest-ranking one here!  Don’t forget it!
Luchino: Yes, in actuality, until we get out of these walls and you undergo the formal ritual from Boss Alessandro, you are the lowest-ranking capo.  Bear that in mind.
Gian: Yeah…

Even though I’m lowest in the pecking order, not having to call these four zio makes me pretty happy.

Suddenly, I realize something.

Gian: Hey, then that means … the ‘CR:5’ are all here then, right?

A small grin slips on my face as I glance around at the other four and see a small acknowledging expression on each.

Because the code of Omertà prevents family secrets from being leaked out to others, only the made members of the family know the meaning and origins of the name “CR: 5.”

“CR:5” comes from “Caporegime Cinque.”  In other words, “the five captains.”

In the past, when the Toscanini Family was going through a time of crisis, five capos‘d been responsible for returning the family to power.

After that, as a sign of respect and honor, they’d started using the new name CR:5.

The captains were made to be the core of the organization, like the name says.  This’s taken so far that there’s even a rule now stating that there could only ever be five.

…And now, the five people that form the core of our family are all gathered here.

Bernardo: No, just the five of us isn’t enough.  We aren’t the CR:5 without the Boss.

As Bernardo says this, he returns to his usual friendly expression.

Bernardo: …Bring us to our boss, Gian.  And, once you do, you will become the new head.

Before I can reply to him…

Luchino: Gian, is there any chance that you can break the four of us out?  We have no time to be dallying around.

…Luchino glares at me, as though calculating my worth.

Gian: Chance or not, I’ve gotta do it, right?  An order’s an order.  ‘sides, if I do it right, I get to be boss!

It’s slowly starting to sink in.  And, I sense a premonition.

Something’s whispering into my ear, “Don’t let the biggest chance of your life go.”

Gian: Leave it to me!  I’ve always been a very lucky guy.

Well then, I’ll just have to show them my stupidly crazy luck, won’t I?!

Ivan: If you screw this up, we’re both done for!  If you don’t wanna die, then show us your luck, mutt!

Bernardo: ‘Mutt?’  Ooh…

Giulio is the one who utters my alias.

Giulio: I trust you.  You aren’t just any dog … Lucky Dog.

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Credits: SilverGrey33 for youtube video


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  1. Li
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:39:40

    [Ivan: If you screw this up, we’re both done for!] <– Shouldn't it be 'all' instead of 'both'?



    • terracannon876
      Jan 14, 2012 @ 17:41:03

      I’m interpreting this as … Ivan being selfish. But, to make it a bit vague (because even Ivan’s not that obvious), I’ll … take out the “both” altogether.

      Edit: on second thought, Ivan is that selfish. (In the original, Ivan’s actually referring to “sides,” as in, your side, my side. Ultimately, it means the same as “all,” but it has a slightly different implication.)



  2. Ageha
    Jul 16, 2013 @ 02:31:56

    The picture of Gian, the one under the ” no one’s laughing” is the wrong avatar.



  3. Lehst
    Oct 04, 2013 @ 17:46:41

    >.< oh god, this game is so good so far. just watched the opening video (which was amazing!!) I really like your translations. I have a basic knowledge of spoken Japanese, and I think you are doing a good job at adapting it to the English language.

    Also I just about died when Luchino first spoke. I've not a big Japanese V.A. buff, but it was immediately obvious to me it was the voice of Hijikata (Hakuouki). The characters are so interesting so far! At first glance Bernardo caught my eye, I hope you keep up the good work and finish his story. x3 I'm interested in them all though~



  4. Sato
    Oct 20, 2015 @ 16:17:07

    Thank you very much for translating this treasure!! \ ( ^ v ^ ) /



  5. Finella Grover
    Jul 12, 2016 @ 19:22:22

    Hello. I have not played this game (only read the manga) so I don’t know what the original says, but I would like to mention this sentence: “A very special punishment awaits those who flaunt this code.” ‘Flaunt’ is a word that means ‘show off’, such as a woman might flaunt her cleavage in a low-cut dress. If the word intended here is to mean ‘to ignore or disregard’ or to ‘show contempt for’ then the correct word is actually ‘flaut’. Sometimes you’ll see it misspelled as ‘flout’, too, but it is ‘flaut’. I can supply a dictionary link to both words, if desired.

    I’m grateful that this blog exists…I’ve been quite curious about the story since the manga isn’t being worked on any more. (In English, I mean.)



  6. Finella Grover
    Jul 12, 2016 @ 19:27:33

    EDIT: Sorry, no. Always go with your gut 🙂 It really is ‘flout’…don’t know who put that odd ‘flaut’ information out there. But it’s not flaunt, anyway, unless you mean showing off. 🙂



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