Lucky Dog 1 translations 02-01

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 2

Day 1 Opening


Lloyd: Giancarlo Bourbon del Monte!
Gian: Hey.  …Oh, it’s you today, Lloyd.  Yaawn…
Lloyd: My, that’s rare.  Not enough sleep?  Had fun last night?
Gian: Nonono, I was just thinking about something…
Lloyd: Is that so?  Hmm … your sleep-laden face is quite dashing as well.

Ack, he winked!  The notoriously lecherous guard moves on to the next room, leaving behind an inviting smile.

Jails are places designed to keep prisoners from escaping.  Tall walls surround several of the grounds, and there are rigorous checks at each of the entrances and exits.

Even inside the walls, the hacks make daily checks during morning, day, and night roll-call.

At night, the iron bars to each room are locked tight.  Taking four guys and busting out successfully under this security is going to be nigh impossible.

But, I’m used to breaking out.  Polishing escape plans when I’ve got free time is something of a habit of mine.  It’s the same fun that comes with solving an extremely tough puzzle.

I mentally outline the escape plans I’d worked on in the past…

Gian: …At best, there’s two I can run with.

But, both are plans designed for me alone.  How can I squeeze in four more people?  I wring out everything I know from my brain and scrutinize every detail.

Gian: What we need is more than just a measly miracle…

We’d need meticulous preparation and the age-old classic – effort and legwork.  If we could just have a dash of luck on top of that…

I smirk.  I’m not called the Lucky Dog for nothing.  Luck just gurgles forth in abundance wherever I go.

Bernardo: Good morning, Honey.  It’s time for breakfast.

Gian: Perfect.


After finishing breakfast, I return to my room.

First things first, I’ve got to make sure my escape companions and I are on the same page, and I’ve got to do this carefully, in a place unreachable to the ears of other prisoners and the guards.

I’ll just have to give up my usual afternoon nap…  Now then, who to talk to first?

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[This translation will be following a preset timeline and the link for that is just above, but if you would like to time-travel, feel free to choose the other links/images. They won’t connect to each other well in the beginning and end, but the meat is the same no matter what.]


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Liz
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 00:08:16

    For the phrase :
    “We’d need meticulous preparation and the time-old classic – effort and legwork. If we could just have a dash of luck on top of that…”

    I believe “time-old” should actually be the phrase “old-time”.

    Thanks for this awesome translation!



  2. Liz
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 00:11:12

    Ah, cool then. I just felt like something was odd when I read it! I’m enjoying the translation though!



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