Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 01

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Bernardo Visit 1

Just as I’m looking for Bernardo, I spot him in the hallway.

Can’t really talk about anything secret here … but oh well.  It should be good enough for a quick update on the current situation.

I walk up next to him and adjust my pace as we match steps as we stroll down the hall.

Bernardo: …On target?

Gian: Pretty much.  The sudden time limit’s really breathing down my neck, though.

It’s still not clear just how many days there are until Giulio’s transfer.  The only option I have is to hurry up with the plan without tripping up.

Bernardo: I was also taken completely by surprise by the news of Giulio’s transfer, especially because there doesn’t seem to be any merit…  …I don’t know the reason behind it.

Bernardo scrunches up his eyebrows.

Bernardo: …There is the possibility that the information was leaked somewhere down the line…

But it’s hard for me to imagine any one of us breaking the laws of the family and playing stool pigeon.

No matter how big the rewards get, if someone finds out, you’re punished.  The end.  And everyone likes being alive.

Gian: You sure it’s not just some prosecutor somewhere going, ‘Oh, if we stick all the CR:5 captains in one place, they’ll start conspirating villainous plots of doom together?”
Bernardo: It … may be just that, or perhaps the administration bureau decided to reverse the decision to make it easier to control the situation by separating all the captains to several different prisons.

Bernardo mutters this with a face saying that he doesn’t believe his own words.

…I mentally flip through the Boss’s orders in my head.

The envelope’d been sealed, but I can’t say no one snuck a peek at its contents before it reached to me…

The other captains all got their own letters, too, so it’s not like there’s no chances for the information to leak out to outside parties.

Is the jailbreak order out of the bag?  It doesn’t feel like it yet, but…

Bernardo: By the way, Gian, are you getting along well with the other captains?

Bernardo changes the topic.

Gian: Mm?  Still the same with Ivan.  Luchino’s…  He’s got a really big ego … but I don’t sense any hostility.

Bernardo nods as I explain how there hasn’t really been any problems.

Bernardo: I see.  Tell me if you come across any difficulties.  I’ll mediate for you.  …How about with Giulio?
Gian: Giulio, eh … it’s not like there’s absolutely no problems, but it’s more like … I don’t really get that guy.

I don’t remember ever being treated so courteously before.  When I grumble this out, Bernardo tilts his head like he’s wondering at a puzzle.

Bernardo: I didn’t think Giulio was the type to be interested in other people.  However, with you he’s strangely polite.  Have you really never met him before?
Gian: I don’t think so, but…

I think and think, but I don’t remember anything like that.

Gian: Anyways, about the only thing I’ve got to worry about at this stage is Ivan’s big loudmouth.
Bernardo: Ah yes.  Just bear with it.  That’s just his personality, so there’s nothing to be done.

With the conversation at a stopping point, we decide to end our long session of leg-stretching.

Gian: It’s about time I get skedaddling.  See ya later, Bernardo.  …Mm?
Bernardo: I will look further into this, just in case we do have someone leaking information.  Spies are an indispensable aspect of prison life, after all…

Bernardo’s expression as he strides away is stiffer than usual.

…Now then, who to talk to next.







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  1. lygerz
    Feb 02, 2015 @ 16:39:39

    Omg I LOVE this so much ❤
    thank you for the updates!
    I think I'm addicted to this .. but I got a HUGE problem .. I DON'T KNOW WHO TO SHIP!! (TT^TT)



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