Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 03

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 3 Closing

It’s about time for roll-call again.

As I’m hurrying to my own cell, I bump right into Giulio.

Giulio: Good … night, Signor Gian.

He tries to pass on by with a small bow.  I quickly call after him.

Gian: Ah, hey!  Is it true you might get moved to another joint?

I have to check that info I heard in the morning.

Giulio: …That seems to be true.  I do not know the details.

I can’t tell if he’s docile or just quiet.  He should talk more.  Mm, it’d be problematic if he talks as much as Ivan, though.

Gian: Hm…?

Giulio’s fingers are always moving.  It’s like he’s fiddling with something in his hands, but there’s nothing but air there.

Gian: What’re you doing with your hands?

Giulio: …Oh … my apologies.  It is my habit.  From when I have my knife.

Giulio brings his hands in front of him.  When he does it like that, I get it.  It’s the movement you use to flick a butterfly knife open and close at will.


Gian: …Whoa there!

Some random guy crashes into me while we’re standing and talking.

Wow, and he glares daggers at me as he scats.  What a jerk.

…Aah, he’s … one of the Grave Digger hoodlums.

There should be a ceasefire between the GD and CR:5 in prison, so there should be minimal trouble here in lockup.  Maybe the commotion outside’s starting to affect them.  A sign of change, maybe?

Giulio:  …Excuse me.

With a whoosh, Giulio turns his back to me and walks away.  At some point in time, the fiddling in his hands’ve stopped.

Gian:  Later, Giulio.

…For some reason, it feels like I’d been talking to a wolf or something just now.

If I become boss, I’ll have a captain like him working under me…  It’s all so surreal…



My last imprisonment was about a year ago.

I’d escaped by secretly making a grappling hook and using that to scale the walls during exercise in the yard.  I’d known that they’d been turning off the high-voltage electricity at the top of the walls during noon to save on money.

Now the voltage runs 24-7 and the yard’s been shrunk.  The areas with dead angles from the guard tower have been locked off.

I’ve got no intention of trying to scale the walls again.

Last year, I’d also prepared two plans and had gone with the safer one.  The other route … should still be there, unused.

…First floor, room 16.  It should still be there.

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