Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 04

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 4 Opening


I head down to breakfast as usual with Bernardo.  Just as we enter, we see Luchino nearby.

Gian: Hey, Luchino.  Mooornin’…

Luchino: Do something about that bedhead of yours!  It pains my eyes.

Bernardo: Haha, he does have a point.

Gian: Quit laughing, Bernardo.

Luchino’s eyes are frigid.  Luchino’s head’s all prettied up, especially for being in prison.  Bernardo’s is, too.

Gian: ’s nothing I can do about it.  The day’s just started!

Luchino: Women don’t like slovenly men.

Bernardo: Despite how Gian is with everything else, he’s sloppy when it comes to personal appearances.  He’s especially steadfast when it comes to baths, or the lack thereof.  It’s very problematic.

Luchino: That’s the worst.  Don’t come near me.

Bernardo is about to say something else when a voice comes from beside me.

Giulio: Good morning.

Looks like Giulio’s on his way out after horking the food down as fast as possible.  Those’re the only two words he says as he passes by.

I quickly respond with a “Yeah,” but I’m not sure he’d heard.  …The guy definitely lives in his own world.

Luchino looks around as though he’s suddenly remembered something.

Luchino: Where’s Ivan?
Bernardo: Him?  Over there.

When I look, Ivan’s chowing down with some guys I don’t really recognize.  They’re ignoring us.

Gian: …

…Is Ivan … doing that on purpose?

Meeting up’s necessary, but … drawing some unwanted attention’d be bad, too, what with the CR:5 captains always showing up together and always discussing something.

Word that I’d risen to capo should’ve spread to those outside the family as well.  It’s not part of the “code of silence” to keep quiet who the boss and captains are.

Perhaps the same thought’d struck Bernardo and Luchino because we didn’t have any exciting conversation after that.

After near silence and nasty food, we go our separate ways without a word of goodbye.









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