Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 05

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Bernardo Visit 2

Bernardo: Gian, have you gotten paler?

Bernardo, with a joint he’s working on forked between his fingers, turns to me with a kinda exasperated, kinda worried expression.

Gian: Mmm…  …Lemme indulge in a time out, just for a sec.

I stagger over to the bench in the corner and flop onto it.

There’s no back, so instead I lounge back on Bernardo, who’s sitting next to me.

Bernardo’s got some random guys keeping watch around the grounds entrance so we can have a private conversation.  I’m as lazy as lazy can be now that I don’t have to worry about others watching.

Gian: Naaaagh, it’s sooo hard not taking naps.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve worked this hard.

It’s because I’d been completely immersed in my slow prison life.  Originally I’d been planning to rest for another month.

Bernardo: Are you all right?  I’m sorry we’re pushing you this hard.
Gian: …Hey, that spy you talked about before.  You find him?
Bernardo: I have yet to catch scent of him.  It might be me overthinking things.
Gian: I see.  …Are the preparations I asked you for earlier going fine?
Bernardo: Yeah.  I’ve sent messages to Daivan through my lawyer.  You can leave what happens after the escape to me.
Gian: Whoo!  That’s Bernardo for ya.

My cheek relaxes unconsciously.  The part I’m confidently responsible for is the escape out of these tall walls.  The transportation after that and whatever’s all on the family…

Beside me, Bernardo phooooooes out a long stream of smoke.  It smells strangely delicious…

Gian: …Smoke?  I’m oh so tired…  Please give me a stick of that high quality healing leaf of yours?
Bernardo: All right already!  Wait a second!  …Here.

After I bounce against his back some, Bernardo’s fingers place a new joint between my lips.


He leans in to transfer the flame.

We touch the tips of our cigs and match the timing of our breaths based off feel.

Some time passes, and my smoke’s all lit.

I inhale deep, dragging smoke all the way into my lungs.  A light dizziness hits.  This is delish.  As usual, Bernardo, that bastard, only smokes the good stuff.

I give a quick glance over by the entrance before immediately returning my eyes to Bernardo.  I give him a wink, and he returns with a light nod.

Gian: Thank you, Bernardo.  Love ya.

Bernardo: If this is what my Honey wishes, then it is my pleasure.

Bernardo stretches out his big hand and gently tickles me by my ear…

Gian: It’s been quite a while, don’t you think?  …Hey, you think it’s OK if we … just do it right here, right now?

Bernardo: There’s nothing I’d welcome more, Honey.

Bernardo pushes down on my shoulder.  While being careful of our burning cigarettes, he leans over me as though to push me down onto the bench…


It’s then I hear the sound of footsteps pittter-pattering away from the ground’s entrance and into the distance.

Still leaning over me, Bernardo turns his face towards the entrance.

Bernardo: So?  Who did we enact this second-rate farce for?
Gian: Ivan was peeking.  He’s such a crafty guy.  He’s probably got completely the wrong impression, hehehe…

As I’m laughing, Bernardo pushes off my chest to get up.  Bernardo’s shoulders also start shaking as he chuckles, too.

Synchronizing with what I’m thinking and playing along with these pranks is one of Bernardo’s best points.  Relationships in life come in all different shapes and sizes.

Bernardo: By the way, you really smell.  When we get out, you are definitely getting into the bath.  Get into a sauna and scrub yourself down.  Don’t leave a nook untouched.

Gian: Okaaaaaaay.

I grudgingly give a response.

Bernardo: Oh?  Looks like some color’s returned.  You should rest whenever you have the time, all right?
Gian: The delicious tobacco’s revived me.  Thanks for that.  I’ll be going on ahead.

I give Bernardo a cheering slap on the shoulder and, as I savor what short remaining smoke there is, set out back towards the building.


I head back to my room a bit early to make it on time for the roll-call when I see Ivan planting his feet outside the doors.

I enter my room past him, ignoring him, when he points at me, face pale and screaming.

Ivan: Y-You fucking homo…!
Gian: Wha?

I turn back around and see Luchino and Giulio also behind Ivan.

Ivan: I saw!  I saw them on the ground with my own eyes!  Bernardo and him … they’re … sodomizing buddies!!

Man, that’s an old-fashioned way of saying it…

Ivan: That’s filthy, you homo!

Just as Ivan’s shrieking at me in a high-pitched voice, Luchino lays a hand on his shoulder.

Luchino: Hey.  …Don’t tell me that this was what you wanted to tell us about?

Ivan: Damn right … I’ll swear if I have to!  I saw them.  He and Bernardo were k-k-!  …Kissing!  On the bench in the grounds…!

But we weren’t.  You can’t swear on that.

Seeing my exasperated expression, Ivan starts howling without a care.

Ivan: W-Was that what you meant when you said you’ve known each other for a long time?!

Bernardo: What’s all the ruckus about?

Bernardo shows up with excellent timing.  Suddenly, Ivan stiffens like a rock.

Ivan’s colors’re always so busy, changing from red to white to red to white.

Ivan: You two … are doing…!

Probably remembering what happened at the grounds, Bernardo humorously smiles a, “Yeah.”

Ivan: Homo!  Homohomohomohomohomohomo!  Homo!!  Stay back!  I’m not one of you!!
Gian: Oh shut up, you squawking homobird.

Bernardo: Oh is that it, Ivan?  You want to become one of us homopals, too?

Gian: Cut it out, Bernardo.  He’ll seriously—
Ivan: G-Ghghkah!  Wh-Wh-Who’d…?!  Th-Th-That’s nastaack!

…Sigh.  He’s so shaken he’s gone and bitten his tongue.

As Ivan and Ivan alone’s stirring up a huge commotion, Luchino passes by from behind him.  Looks like he’s heading back to his room.

Luchino: And here I thought you had something important to say.  Are you an idiot?  At least realize when you’re being made fun of.

Giulio also sets off.

Giulio: …I will take my leave now.  It would not be wise to attract attention with all five of us gathered here…

Ivan: Wh—  Eh?
Bernardo: I’ll be heading back, too.  It’s almost time for roll-call.
Ivan: Huh…?

He shoots me a glare as though to make sure.  Looks like he’s finally started to realize he’s being teased.

Gian: Hurry up and get back to your cell.  You don’t wanna be late for roll-call.


I’ve learned an important lesson today.

Ivan’s so easy to tease, it’s actually kinda problematic…

…Now then, who to talk to next.







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  1. absenceoffaith
    Jun 18, 2013 @ 09:20:58

    I already commented on this scene before in Giulio’s route but I just have to do it again because I love it so ❤ :').



  2. Ageha
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 17:32:09

    [when he points at me with a pale face and starts screaming.]

    When I read this again more carefully, I did a double take here. It sounds a bit awkward, like Ivan is pointing his face at Gian, not his finger.



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