Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 06

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Guards Visit 2

Gian: Joshua!
Joshua: Gian!  Thanks for last time.  It’s because of you I managed to find Lloyd.

Oh right, I told him where Lloyd was, right?

Gian: Did he make it on time for his shift after that?
Joshua: Just barely!

In a perfect example of “speak of the devil,” Lloyd’s heading this way.

Lloyd: What are you two talking about alone?
Joshua: We were just talking about you, actually.
Lloyd: Hmm?

Completely uninterested, Lloyd nods.

Gian: …Hey, Joshua.  In return for last time, can you hear me out on an itsy bitsy favor?
Joshua: Huh?  A-Alcohol’s out!  At the most, cigarettes, maybe…
Gian: ’s not an object.  The furthest room, the first floor.  Room 16.  Can you tell me about the guy there?
Joshua: …Why?

He frowns at me a bit warily.

Gian: This guy who wants to know didn’t say anything.  Just anything in general, like what the guy wants, what he’s sore about.  I dunno why either.  It’s something someone else asked me for.

It’s a lie.  I’m the one who wants the information.  But I have no intention of leaving a trail of what I’m thinking behind.

Joshua: He doesn’t especially have any unusual history.  He’s only in for theft…  His name’s Owen.
Joshua: I don’t think he really wants anything…  The thing he wants most is probably just to safely live out his sentence and leave this place.  It seems like he has a family waiting outside.


Room 16 is an especially important place for one of my escape plans.  I wanted to get the dig on the current inhabitant without alerting any of the other prisoners.

I chat away with Joshua for a bit and hear a number of things.

Gian: Is that sooo…  Well then, I’ll just pass this on to the guy who asked.  Thanks a bunch!

Joshua gives a wan smile.  It’s not like he’s told me anything problematic, but his conscience’s probably giving him a mental beating for leaking information about other inmates.  He’s a serious guy.

I give a smile, too, saying “I got enough,” before leaving Lloyd and Joshua, who’ve struck up a conversation about something else.

On my way, I pound the information I got from Joshua into my head.

The man in room 16 is called Owen.  His greatest wish is to reunite with his family after finishing his sentence without a hitch.  He’s especially concerned about his daughter Elena.

Actually coming face to face with Owen’ll be a critical moment in one of the escape plans.  I hope this information’ll come in handy for when that time comes.

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