Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 07

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Day 4 Closing


After dinner, I’m on my way back to my room when Bernardo calls me to a stop.

Bernardo: It seems that Giulio was in a fight with one of the GD.

Troubled, he sighs.

Gian: Fights are an everyday deal here.  What, a guard spotted him?

Bernardo: His opponent is in quite a state.  He won’t be eating solids anytime soon, at any rate.

Gian: Hey, come on here.  If we cause a commotion like that now, it’s gonna be a problem.  Any one of us in isolation’s gonna stop us in our tracks.

Bernardo: Yeah, I’ve already told him that.  Forcefully.  He said something with regards to the GD thug looking down on you.

Gian: Wha?

…After I think about it for a bit, I remember the GD gangbanger that’d bumped into me in the hall last night.  It happened to be right when I’d been talking to Giulio.

Gian: Wait a sec … seriously, that’s what’s got him all riled up?  What the hell is Giulio thinking…?

Bernardo: I don’t really understand why, but when it comes to you, his ability to judge anything becomes skewed.  You should be careful as well.

Gian: Mm…  Got it.  My eyes are peeled.

That’s what I say in reply, but I’ve really got no idea why Giulio does that 180 attitude flip.  The whole thing nags me for the short time I’m still awake before sleep claims me…

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