Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 09

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Bernardo Visit 3



To take a breather, I head out to call up Bernardo.


I invite him into my room and, immediately, pester him for a high quality smoke.

We settle down side by side, puffing our cigarettes… and then we spot the guard Joshua hurrying over towards us.


Oh?  Joshua passed straight on by.


bernprison01 Bernardo: …What’s this?  And here I thought he was here for me, but I suppose not.

Bernardo, who’d straightened himself up, settles back down.

Bernardo’s often called out for sudden talks out of nowhere with his lawyer and such.  I suppose when he saw Joshua, he thought it was another one of those.

gianprison07 Gian: Your lawyer sure is the diligent one.
bernprison01 Bernardo: I’m just rewarding him that much.  You haven’t made any contact with your own lawyer at all, right?

The CR:5 do in fact have a lawyer assigned for me, but I don’t really keep in touch.

gianprison04 Gian: I mean, originally I was just gonna stay out my sentence like a good boy, and then finish up my business and that’s all, you know?  There’s nothing I’ve got to talk to the lawyer about.
bernprison01 Bernardo: Is that how it is?  Well, you’re the veteran here.
gianprison02 Gian: You’re one, too, riiight?
bernprison01 Bernardo: Me?  This would make my second sentence…

Is that so?  Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Bernardo talk in detail about his life in the slammer.

gianprison05 Gian: When was the first?
bernprison01 Bernardo: Before I met you.  I was younger than you are now.
gianprison02 Gian: Oh…?  You get assigned a good lawyer back then?

Bernardo makes a face like he’s thinking about it…  Hm?  Is that something to really think about?

bernprison01 Bernardo: Yeah.  It’s the same lawyer I have now.  The Boss had assigned him to me, and he’d helped me quite a bit back then, too.  We’ve known each other for more than ten years now.

‘Thank you O gracious one,’ I mentally pray for this lawyer I’ve never even met.  After all, I’m also in his debt since he’s doing legwork for the post-jailbreak preparations.

Bernardo, who’d been convicted with abnormally fast speed because of his numerous financial crime charges, has still got all kinds of legal business to take care of here and there.

Because he’s incessantly hobnobbing with the lawyer, Bernardo contacts his crew through him.

But, even though he’s got to back up the family in the midst of Daivan’s chaotic crisis, he’s helping with the post-escape preparations.  Even though he’s got all the stuff he’s got going on…

He’s got so much to do even in the joint…  But, well, if it’s Bernardo, I think it’ll be fine.

When I’d headed straight over to see him the first day he’d gotten thrown in, he’d given me his usual smile with a, “I’ve made the necessary arrangements during the grace period I gained through paying bail.”  Oh my, how delightful!

gianprison02 Gian: How’s Daivan been looking recently?  Hear anything about the family?
bernprison01 Bernardo: The Boss is fine, so it will hold up for a while.  I don’t know for how long, though…

His eyes aren’t laughing.

In short, it’s the kind of situation where the Boss had to give the order to take the whole captain kit ‘n caboodle and break out.

Are things so dire that they’re willing to use the Boss’s seat to hook in a hooligan like me?  In a way, I guess why they’re not giving a hoot about how this looks.

In contrast to the luxurious inhale I take of the delicious tobacco, I realize just how close we are to the edge.

bg00     bg15

bernprison02 Bernardo: About that Owen on the first floor…

My response is delayed at the words that come out of nowhere.

This is the first time Bernardo’s ever mentioned the name Owen.

bernprison02 Bernardo: I talked to him.  You mentioned ‘a candle, matches, and a long string,’ before … correct?  Is that right?

…Oh right.  When I was explaining to him where we’ll end up after the breakout, I’d skimmed over the details about the secret of first floor’s room 16.

gianprison07 Gian: That’s right.  Seriously?  You’re way too good at going ‘round the block.
bernprison01 Bernardo: I heard that when my lawyer had told them that their families on the outside would be taken good care of, they immediately agreed with much gratitude, though I never talked to them directly.
gianprison07 Gian: I see.  That’s a big help.

I turn away and he does all this?  That’s Bernardo for you!

With this, the preparations for room 16 are a-OK.  That’s one problem solved.


…Now then, who to talk to next.







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