Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 10

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Guards Visit 3



As he was walking by, Lloyd’s eyes stop on me.  He approaches.

He lightly taps my shoulder in an embrace and draws his face close.

lloyd03 Lloyd: I got word from the vine just now.  You’ve been promoted to the family’s captain now, I hear?

He’s already caught wind of it, huh…

I place my index finger to my lips and wink.  An appeal.  ‘It’s a secret.’

lloyd03 Lloyd: You must be quite the special exception for them to do this from within the jail and all.  I would love to hear the reason, but you probably wouldn’t tell me.
gianprison07 Gian: If you already know that, then don’t bring it up in the first place.

There’s no point in stupidly denying it.  Information on who’s holding the capo positions isn’t under the umbrella of Omertà.

lloyd03 Lloyd: You, a captain, hmm…?  Not bad.  You’re even more appealing now!

A suggestive, leering smirk.

Lloyd has a fresh, clean kind of face, but inside, he’s a complete nymphomaniac – the kind of man who’d bend his rules and morals for his own lust.

Looking at Lloyd, I fall into thought.  It wouldn’t be bad to pull in at least one guard as an ally…

lloyd02 Lloyd: …You look like you want to ask for a favor.
gianprison02 Gian: You’re quick on the uptake.  Say, could you promise to be our ally when something comes up?
lloyd02 Lloyd: You want me to flip sides?  I can’t promise anything with a vague ‘when something comes up.’  But…

He sends a wink far more shapely than mine back at me.

lloyd03 Lloyd: If you’ll be my friend, then…  I’m nice to friends, you know?

By ‘friends,’ he doesn’t mean literally.  When people like him say ‘friend,’ he means a fuck buddy.  I fall silent.

…Among the guards, the only one who’s likely to become our ally is him.  Joshua may be pretty nice to the prisoners, but he’s not the type to just stand by and let a jailbreak pass.

If I can get him on my side, then I feel like things would get easier when a pinch comes by, but…

Lloyd draws closer.  Without preamble, his hand presses against my crotch.

With a light grope, as though he’s checking out my package, Lloyd gives a happy smile.

lloyd03 Lloyd: Mm.  OK!  I would’ve refused to be “friends” with you if you were lacking.
gianprison04 Gian: Complimenting me like this doesn’t make me happy in this situation.  And besides, I have a say in this, right?
lloyd03 Lloyd: Even if you refuse, it’s no skin off my back.

Should I prepare for the worst…?

lloyd03 Lloyd: But, it’s almost time for shift change.  How about anytime you’re free after tomorrow?


lloyd03 Lloyd: Also, if I’m going to get myself into a situation with the Mafia captains, then I have a favor to ask…

Lloyd gleefully moves his face closer and whispers the rest of his request into my ear.  I unconsciously look him over with a single eye at his words of utter idiocy.

gianprison42 Gian: …I’ll leave the response ‘til next time…
lloyd03 Lloyd: I’m looking forward to it.

The lecherousness from Lloyd’s expression vanishes into thin air to be replaced by the classy smile of a lady as he takes his leave like a whimsical cat.

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3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. A
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 02:04:00

    Oh Lloyd, just why do I like you so much?



  2. Ageha
    Jan 08, 2014 @ 17:47:02

    [Lloyd: I heard from the vine just now. You’ve been promoted to the family’s captain now, I hear?] <– I heard/I hear. Perhaps reword it a little?



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