Lucky Dog 1 translations 03 Bernardo Route 18

Part 1: Prison

Chapter 3

Bernardo Visit 4



I visit Bernardo in his room two cells over.


Bernardo: What’s up?  I have some time right now.

gianprison02 Gian: Just wanted to ask you something.


Signaling his OK, Bernardo touches the arch of his glasses.

gianprison18 Gian: So hey…  We had this whole showdown with GD in the city, right?


Bernardo: What about it?

gianprison18 Gian: Did something happen then?  Something special, I mean.

Bernardo looks at me like he’s trying to discern what I’m getting at.

No surprise, since I’m being roundabout.  Instead, I lay my question straight out for him in the open.

gianprison18 Gian: I was in and out of the slammer around that time, so I’m really not clear on what went down at the time.

If Ivan hadn’t mentioned it yesterday, I never would’ve bothered.

gianprison04 Gian: …I happened to hear some things.

Bernardo exhales a small sigh.

bernprison06 Bernardo: There was no avoiding the war with GD two years ago.  In addition, there was still steam left to vent at its finale.
bernprison06 Bernardo: There were victims not only among our family, but also among the respectables.  Both sides somehow managed to call truce and lay down arms, but there were a mountain of people riling with grudges behind closed doors.

If I remember right, Ivan had said the negotiator for the truce was Bernardo.

bernprison07 Bernardo: It was truly a horrible war.  You didn’t see it with your own eyes, so you probably wouldn’t understand.
bernprison06 Bernardo: The GD came to send hitmen every day.  Those Giulio would cut off from the start and spray their blood everywhere for the world to see…  It was quite the chilling scene.
bernprison06 Bernardo: Giulio’s deeds were acknowledged and he was promoted to captain to replace the one killed by the GD.  After the cease-fire, that is.
bernprison06 Bernardo: At the time, the city was also in complete chaos…  The one who’d organized the delinquents and rose to the forefront was Ivan.
bernprison06 Bernardo: That Ivan … stayed to the side and watched until the very last moment who would come out superior before finally joining us.  Seriously, he doesn’t have a hint of pride in his blood.

His Italian’s horrible, too.

bernprison08 Bernardo: But, the Boss praised him, saying that he has guts for a twenty-year-old kid.

Bernardo says this kind of like he’s enjoying it, kind of bitterly, like he’s remembering what happened then.

Two years ago, I was all caught up in the Break Out of Jail game, so I wasn’t the least bit interested in the going-ons of the city or the family.

bernprison09 Bernardo: I’ve gone off-topic…  You’ll have to be satisfied with this.  If you want to know about Luchino, ask him.  However, it’s his wound we’re talking about, so please leave a little to your imagination.
gianprison04 Gian: …All right.

Everything I heard was really interesting.  So the war two years ago was when Giulio and Ivan distinguished themselves from the rest of the crowd.

But, Bernardo hadn’t said anything about himself.  …Why?  I can’t imagine nothing happened…

More than I want to know about whatever  wound Luchino’s carrying, I kind of want to hear about Bernardo back then…

Even though he acts really close to me, I’ve always feel like there’s some kind of invisible wall between me and Bernardo…  Maybe I’m just imagining things.

bernprison09 Bernardo: Well, even if I don’t tell you about what happened two years ago, you’ll probably hear about it.  When the time comes, I’ll say more.  When you become boss, you’ll know all sorts of things you never wanted to.

Bernardo accepts that I’ll become boss without a hint of awkwardness.

‘I want to look into his head, just once,’ I think to myself.

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